Jamon Jamon Paella

Halal status: Halal

Not only is Portobello Market the hub for antiques and vintage shopping, it is also a hub for street food stalls/trucks. Especially on Saturdays, the place would be packed with all sorts of street food vendors and bring on an incredible buzzing and lively vibe on the streets.

One of the stalls that stood out for me is Jamon Jamon – a stall serving Spanish paellas.

Photo 07-05-2016, 12 13 55.jpg

First of all, there are a lot of people surrounding the stall – an indication of good quality and high popularity. Secondly, the sight of massive pans of paella bubbling away at the stall is simply irresistible!

They serve two types of paella – the classic Paella Valenciana (chicken and runner beans) or a more colourful Paella de Mariscos(seafood – prawns, squid and mussels).

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Visually the paellas look absolutely gorgeous and it really matches with the lively vibe at the market. The rice has this luscious golden yellow colour from the saffron and the generous amount of toppings adds so much colour to the dish. The chicken (halal) in the Paella Valenciana has this beautiful caramelized sear and the spices that coat on the meat added such a glorious colour to the dish. As for thePaella de Mariscos, the seafood toppings add so much cheerfulness and colour to the dish that it would put a smile on your face instantly.

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The stall is quite busy as you can imagine on a buzzing Saturday afternoon. Nonetheless, the people there always greet you with a super friendly smile. They are really cheerful, enthusiastic and are clearly very passionate about their food which adds a lot of love and rays of sunshine to match with the colourful paella.

I ordered myself a Paella de Mariscos and it was served to me in a box in no time. The portion was quite generous and the box was properly stuffed with paella and lots of seafood.

Photo 07-05-2016, 18 06 44.jpg

The paella was aromatic and fragrant. The flavours are absolutely delightful – definitely up to par, if not better, to its alluring appearance.

The rice is tender, not damp nor creamy, and has this taste of slightly browned and caramelized pieces mixed in which is the essence of the rice dish. It’s beautifully mixed and coated with seasonings and spices which is a treat to the taste buds. The seafood was decent and of good sizes. There was a more generous amount of seafood being served than I would expect, which is absolutely a bonus.

You can find Jamon Jamon at their “flagship” stall at Portobello Market every Saturday as well as many other food markets and events. Do go check them out if you see them around!