Paris Brunching: Marlon Restaurant

On the day of my Paris trip, I posted on Instagram @etfoodvoyage and asked for any restaurant recommendations while I was there. I was overwhelmed with the amount of responses and everyone has such great recommendations! I didn’t manage to try all of them but I saved them all up for next time! Here’s one I tried out from one of the many recommendations – Marlon Restaurant.

Marlon is a Californian restaurant in the heart of Paris and is known for its breakfast and brunches. Conveniently enough, the AirBnB we stayed at was just a street down the road to the restaurant so we made sure to pick one morning to hit up this place.

The interior has this chic minimalist style. White marble tables were lined across the space which makes the restaurant feels really bright. To match with the Californian style, there was a pot of a massive cactus as decor as well. It’s a very chilled and comfortable setting to properly enjoy a hearty breakfast / brunch to start the day.


First things first…coffee! I went for the US Coffee (which I presume is the equivalent to Americano) while my friend ordered the Matcha Latte.

My very first reaction when the coffees were served is: their cups are MASSIVE. I was in desperate need of some caffeine in my system at the moment so that couldn’t be more perfect. The US Coffee is indeed an Americano. It was of medium strength and very smooth to taste. If it’s at a regular sized cup, I would have preferred it to be stronger but this eventually satisfied by daily morning dosage of caffeine.

As for the Matcha Latte, it was pretty nice too. I must say I was rather surprised to see Matcha Latte on the menu. It just doesn’t occur to me that the matcha frenzy has also gone all its way to Paris. But then this is an American restaurant, I guess it does make sense. Anyway, the nice frothy milk foam and smooth coffee created this lovely velvety texture to taste. There’s a pretty good balance of matcha flavour in the coffee but again I would like a slightly stronger coffee for my own preference.


Keeping up with the theme of huge portioning, these pancakes are humongous.  Three massive fluffy pancakes are neatly laid out on the plate and dusted with powdered sugar. Maple syrup is served separately.

Warm, soft and fluffy – these pancakes were such a joy. The pancakes themselves carried a mild buttery aroma. I absolutely adored that fluffy and a bit of a spongy texture these pancakes possess. The pancakes themselves aren’t sweetened so you ought to rely on the maple syrup to gain that sweet flavour – which is actually good because everyone has a different sweet tooth and it’s best to leave to the diner to adjust it themselves. Though it did felt slightly bland after tackling half the plate and I find myself reaching for the maple syrup more. Regardless, these pancakes were more than a delight and incredibly satisfying.

French Toast

Pancakes or French Toast? My answer would always be pancakes (maybe with the exception of Hong Kong style French Toast). However, seeing this plate of French Toast here at Marlon, I might have to reconsider that. These thick slices of toasts were spread with chocolate on one end and cooked to such a beautiful golden colour. It is then topped with strawberries and a side of maple syrup that’s served separately. My main issue with French Toasts is how easily it can turn soggy. These ones here at Marlon had such a gorgeous crisp on the outside while the inside remains fluffy and slight gooey-ness from the chocolate. It was just the right amount of chocolate to tease your taste buds and add a different layer of flavour to the whole dish. No overly rich flavours, just a happy satisfied belly.


All in all, if you want a leisure hearty breakfast before starting your journey for the day, head to Marlon Restaurant. The large American style large portions are too hard to withdraw from and they’re all absolutely delicious too! This is the place to feed your soul and just chill. It’s close to the Eiffel Tower so you can take a little stroll to digest all that scrumptious comfort food!


My Rating: 4/5

Great brunch spot and loving the large portions!


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Address: 159 rue de Grenelle75007 – Paris
Closest Metro Station: La Tour-Maubourg 
Restaurant Website