Butterscotch Bakery Goldilocks Porridge Bar

After Stax Diner, Boondocks, and Famous Flames, Bea Vo keeps on expanding her Feed Your Soul family and has established the Butterscotch Bakery last year. It started as an online ordering site, then to a pop-up stall at the Old Street station. Now it has a permanent site at the new business hub, White City Place.

Bea Vo first started her journey with Bea’s of Bloomsbury back in 2008. It was all about cakes and afternoon teas. She co-founded Bloomsbury’s UAE in 2011, however left the UK site in 2013 to start Stax Diner. The establishment of Butterscotch Bakery is kind of a full circle to get back to baking.

Butterscotch’s cupcake pop-up at Old Street Station

Butterscotch’s Old Street pop-up stall solely focuses on cakes (the brownies are to die for). At their cafe, it’s more than just the fabulous cupcakes and brownies. They are still available but on top of all of that, they offer a variety of fresh pastries, quality coffees, and features an all-day porridge bar. And I was fortunate enough to be invited to their press launch last Friday to see what this build-your-own breakfast concept is all about.

Goldilocks Porridge Bar

The Goldilocks Porridge Bar is certainly a highlight of this place. While porridge is not the most popular breakfast item outside the world of fitness fanatics, Butterscotch Bakery has a fun way of popularizing it by introducing a build-your-own porridge concept.

First step is to choose your porridge base. You can to choose from the normal oatmeal, 5-grain organic coconut porridge, or the Greek Yoghurt / Chia Seed Pudding bowl. I went for the normal one, picked my little tray (there were a few cute designs to choose from), and shifted towards the topping bar.

There is such a huge selection of toppings available. From dairy, fruit compotes, fresh fruits, sugar/spices, sauces, nuts & seeds etc., you won’t run out of choices and are bound pack all your favourites into one bowl. I almost felt like a kid walking into Willy Wonka’s factory and find a never-ending selection in front of me.

I would really want a bit of everything if possible but at the end I narrowed it down to a mere few – I mean you don’t want to overload your porridge bowl!

So i squeezed in a swirl of chocolate fudge sauce, sprinkled some brown sugar and coconut palm sugar, and topped it off with toasted coconut flakes. It’s a simple one but with a little tease of naughtiness.

I must say I haven’t had porridge for ages. It was a regular breakfast to me for a while back in my training days but have left my routine for a good long time now. The porridge was done perfectly to my liking and hits me with a wave of nostalgia. It was of good portion as well and would properly fuels you up with satisfaction.


A piece of each specialty pastry available that morning had been offered too. There was the savoury flavour of the day – Mushroom & Parmesan Croissant, which was my most favourite one. Other ones that were memorable included the Pumpkin Cheesecake Croissant and a Hazelnut one. The croissants were buttery and flakey. It was the perfect morning pick-me-up.


Last but not least, I had a cup of Flat White to wrap up this hearty breakfast. Their coffee is from Square Mile Coffee Roasters. The coffee blend was a bit of a sour to my preference. But all and all it was still a pretty good one.


To sum up, Butterscotch Bakery certainly has a unique concept and offering quality breakfast & bakery items. It was again one that feeds your soul and makes you leave with a satisfying smile. And this one is more than just that as the porridge bar is the place to give everyone a power breakfast to start their day. It also couldn’t have chosen a better location to launch it. With the growing hub, the place is only going to grow together. I’m excited for where Butterscotch Bakery will achieve and if you happen to be around the area, do pop in for a visit!


My Rating: 3.9/5