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It’s been such a busy time and I have nearly forgotten over this piece of review. Beef & Birds is a new halal burger joint in Bricklane that opened up in late November 2017. We visited them on their first day of official launch for a late dinner. We even got 50% off for the launch from, which is where we first found out about this place.

The restaurant has a trendy and cozy interior. There are very trendy graffiti on the walls but not overly hippy and still has a touch of class. A fireplace decor is placed underneath their counter, which adds such a warming and comforting vibe to the place. The staff was really nice to greet us and make sure we’re seated comfortably. Perhaps since it’s already quite late on a weekday (it was like 10pm on a Wednesday), the place was pretty much empty.

What really drawn me to visit Beef & Birds is learning the fact that it is run by the former Executive Chef of well established Halal burger chain Meat and Shake. Naming Beef & Birds, the menu features the beef – gourmet burgers with ethnically sourced, grass-fed, and 28-day matured beef; and the birds – featuring chicken that’s brined in their special recipe for 24 hours. The menu is also designed by National Burger Awards winner Christian Slater, featuring unique items that’s inspired by American, European and British flavours.

One of the most interesting one that really caught my attention is the Dark Chocolate BBQ Wings. Yes, you heard it right, CHOCOLATE wings. Though full of absolute anticipation, we were disappointed with the news that all wings and chicken burgers were already sold out that night. But oh well, in this case, straight to the burgers it is then!

Dirty Diana (£10.95)

Given that the other half is a Michael Jackson fan, when he saw the name Dirty Diana, he just couldn’t not order it. Well, but of course the name Dirty Diana doesn’t actually have anything to do with Michael Jackson. The word Diana came from sauce Diane. A Diane sauce is generally made with mushroom, mustard, peppercorn, cream and meat juice/stock. In this Dirty Diana burger, the beef patty is served drenched with this aromatic Diane sauce.

This burger has absolutely hit the spot. The beef patty released an alluring meaty flavour, with the creamy and savoury Diane sauce complementing it impeccably. It might be relatively messy to tackle this saucy burger but it’s well worth the effort. It’s easily one of the best halal beef burgers we have had in London. Well done to the Beef & Birds team on this one!

Truffle Shuffle (£10.95)

With me being a sucker for truffle, I went for the Truffle Shuffle burger. The burger involves a beef patty infused with truffle oil, and is topped with shredded lettuce, onions, cheese plus truffle mayonnaise. The burger was decent, though not as exceptional as the Dirty Diana. The Dirty Diana burger stood out, but the Truffle Shuffle didn’t. Beef patty was still tasty, but the truffle was slightly underwhelming. It tasted more of a decent regular burger rather than an outstanding lip-smacking one.

Truffle Mac & Cheese (£6.95)

I’m a sucker for Mac N Cheese as well, and when I see a Truffle Mac N Cheese on the menu, I will certainly go for it. The dish was very fragrant upon serving. Trying to grasp the opportunity while it’s still fresh and hot, I attempted to do a cheese pull shot. Unfortunately, I had no success. I gave up and started digging in.

There was a stronger whiff and taste of truffle in this than the Truffle Shuffle burger. The truffle flavour mainly comes from the truffle mayo on top, but not as much inside the cheese sauce. It was an okay Mac N Cheese dish in overall. A little side note, I find it quite interesting to have chopped spring onions as a garnish to this dish. I’m not a hundred percent sure it worked well altogether with the truffle and cheese combo but I don’t mind it.

Carolina Slaw and Fries (£2.95 each)

Initially we wanted to order the Poutine on the menu. However it wasn’t available that day (the cheese curds have to be imported from Canada and they didn’t have any yet). So we just went for some regular fries and coleslaw at the end.

The Carolina slaw carried a touch of tangy flavour. It’s not overly creamy and was quite refreshing in overall. As for the fries, they were very lovely – crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They were well seasoned and I loved the rusticity of it.

All in all, we both really enjoyed our meal at Beef & Birds despite half the menu weren’t available. It was only their first day of official launch so of course there’s room for improvements. But in overall it did well. The ingredients are definitely of good quality and it really reflects on the final dish. The flavours play well on your palate and leaves you with great satisfaction. It’s a shame that many items we didn’t get to try but we’ll certainly return and hopefully get to try out the chicken (especially that Chocolate BBQ Wings!), ribs, and their poutine for sure. If you have already tried these items from Beef & Birds, let us know if you think it’s worth us making a second visit!


Rating: 4/5


Halal Status: Halal

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