Creme Egg Camp

Creme Egg does a pop up every year to serve some “Creme Egg dishes” to the public. Previously I have visited one of their pop ups back in 2016. I recall there was a crazy long queue where we all had to brace the cold to get through. But once I got there, I was totally impressed and in love with one of the dishes – the Creme Egg Toastie. I skipped last year but this year, Creme Egg has decided to upgrade their pop up and organised the Creme Egg Camp.

The concept of the Creme Egg Camp is rooted from egg-hunting activities for Easter. Basically Creme Egg has created a woodland camping site within The Last Days of Shoreditch, a popular pop-up venue near Old Street station. The camp runs till 18th February and tickets can be pre-booked on Eventbrite. Tickets cost £5.83 with all proceedings going to The Prince Trust.

There are multiple 45-minute time slots available and the camp is run by sessions. You’d be greeted by a staff at the queue and be handed with a camp map (yes there’s a map and i was baffled when i first saw it) plus a token to exchange food.

As we stepped through the wooden doors, it’s as if we’ve been transported to a dark mysterious forest. After walking through a small row of pine trees, the centre of the camp stands a campfire area and a slide.


At the campfirearea, someone will be singing with their guitar. Listen closely to the lyrics and you may find a clue or two on where some secret creme eggs are hidden at. If you walk around the trees, let me warn you beforehand as there’s someone in hiding in camouflage and will jump at you! And you can probably guess, jumpy me got scared a good few times.

The Treehouse Slide

Up at the treehouse, You can look up and read the ‘constellations in the Goolaxy’ which is pretty interesting. My personal highlight though ought to be the slide. It’s a pretty high one and actually more thrilling than it looks. You bet i went up there round after round haha

Food (Campfire Kitchen)

Now it comes to the most important bit – the food. One dish is included in your ticket and you can claim it with the token that’s been given at the door. We picked the Creme Egg Toastie and the Creme Egg Waffle.


You already know from me that I absolutely adore the Creme Egg Toastie. This one, however, seemed to be less indulging than I remembered. There’s nothing to hesitate about it and be ready for a buttery and chocolatey treat!


The waffle was a slightly underwhelming one. It’s basically just regular waffle topped with melting creme egg. It’s a combo that can’t go wrong but it’s not as unique as the toastie.

Hot Chocolate

There are also staff walking around serving free hot chocolate. Don’t get overly excited though – it’s not a Creme Egg Hot Chocolate – it’s just normal one that’s mixed with water.

The Nest

Let’s continue with other sights of the camp. Next up, the nest is a photo spot where two massive creme eggs are rested inside. It is a photo spot where you can climb into the nest. A staff is stationed there specifically for helping to take photos.

Eggsplorers’ HQ

Here are a couple more photo-taking spots where staff are positioned to help you take your photos.

Campfire cookies are also available in this section serving up some gooey chocolate chip cookies with broken creme egg pieces on top.

All in all, the Creme Egg Camp has been definitely a fun experience. It’s for sure an upgrade from the previous pop-ups and I had so much fun there. I am quite impressed with the details they went into setting this whole camp up. The staffs were all very upbeat, welcoming and interactive. If you love chocolate, creme egg in particular, and have 45 minutes to spare on the weekend, you totally should consider joining this egg hunting journey at the Creme Egg Camp!

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