Recipe: Making Garlic Parsley Pasta

Again I must emphasise the beauty of pasta – it offers so much varieties and can be made super simple. Here’s, once again, a recipe to a simple weeknight pasta dinner. One that’s incredibly cheap and only requires simple ‘pantry ingredients’. The main ingredients are simply garlic, chilli flakes and parsley. You can easily serve […]

Making Tomato Mozzarella Pasta

This is definitely one of my go-to quick dinner dish. It’s so easy to make and it never disappoint on the dinner table. You can never go wrong with combining fresh tomatoes and mozzarella together in a dish. It’s so simple and gives such a refreshing flavour. Not to mention it is also very cheap and easy to […]

Recipe: Making A Delicious Prawn Pasta

I saw the other day on Tastemade about a recipe titled Marseille Style Pasta. That immediately caught my eye because I’m suffering from travel blues from my trip to Marseille two months ago! I absolutely miss the glorious weather and the scrumptious food – you can read about some of the amazing food I’ve had here If […]

Making A Quick Fish Pasta

I love adapting to other recipes and add my own twist. Again I saw a cooking video from Gennaro Contaldo – it was about making a fish pasta dish. The ingredients are really simple and it’s quick and easy to make – fitting in perfectly to my cooking style. The essence of the dish is […]

Making Mushroom Stroganoff

It’s hard sometimes coming home after a long day of work and still have to make dinner. So many times ordering take-outs or instant meals become the solution but that’s not a healthy resolution at all. Here’s a simple  but very delicious dinner idea to make during the week. It’s cheap and quick to make as […]

Making Bolognaise

I love to make ahead a massive pot of bolognaise and use it for a variety of dishes. You can never go wrong with a classic spaghetti bolognaise, extra points if it’s a pasta al forno baked with cheese! If you’re more of a rice person, in a local Hong Kong restaurant, we serve bolognaise over rice […]