The Banc

As a sister restaurant of Tarshish, I’ve got high expectations for The Banc. The two restaurants are not too far away from each other. The two are about a 15-minute walk apart – with The Banc situated between Seven Sisters & Turnpike Lane. While Tarshish features a higher-end rooftop dining experience, The Banc is more of a low-key shisha […]

Honest Burger, Honestly.

Halal Status: Non-Halal – Vegetarian Option (Chicken is halal at Tooting branch) I’ve actually tried Honest Burger a few years back. And honestly? Yes I thoroughly enjoyed that juicy Cheese Burger that I had back then – perfectly medium rare and proper juicy. However, I no longer get to enjoy that unless it is halal, which unfortunately Honest Burger isn’t […]