Doughnut Time is in London!

Australian sensation doughnut chain, Doughnut Time, has come to London! It started as one tiny hole-in-the-wall doughnut store in Brisbane but soon gained popularity and expanded to multiple locations across Australia. And now it’s making an ambitious move and launching its first international site in London. First opening its doors a few weeks ago at Shaftesbury […]

Babaji Pide

Babaji Pide is a Turkish restaurant right by China Town and Queens Theatre at Shaftesury Avenue. The restaurant has always appealed me whenever I walk past the area. I remember being captivated by the Turkish tile tables that were lined outside the restaurant during summer. Then I peeked into the restaurant and thought there was […]


Machiya is what I call a hidden gem in the city. You may think it’s just another matcha cafe or Japanese establishment – at least I had such thoughts if I were to be honest. However, it proved me wrong. First of all, Machiya is a Japanese restaurant opened by the team behind ramen group Kanada-Ya. They took […]


Barrafina first opened its doors in London back in 2007 and has been winning Londoners’ hearts for a decade now. They specialise in Mallorcan & Catalan Spanish tapas, and we all know such concept work extremely well in London. So it’s not surprising to see Barrafina being listed on Time Out London‘s list of 100 best restaurants and […]

Darjeeling Express

There is no lack of Indian restaurants across London but there is this one restaurant that’s been catching the public’s attention. Despite being newly launched for about 2 months now, Darjeeling Express has been winning people’s attention with their quality Indian food and by featuring an all-female kitchen. It all started by running supper clubs […]

Hankies Cafe

Down Shaftesbury Avenue, there’s this fairly new restaurant called the Hankies Cafe. It’s a restaurant specialising in Delhi street food with Roomali Roti, a.k.a the Hankies. The menu shares a very similar style to that of Talli Joe – i.e. the small dishes tapas style menu. While Talli Joe  is more on the higher end and fancier, the Hankies Cafe […]

Bun House and Tea Room

Baos, i.e. Asian steamed buns, have been trending all over London over the recent years. From the establishment of the Taiwanese eatery Bao and all the other rising Japanese restaurants selling hirata buns – now it’s time for the Cantonese style steamed buns to emerge and that’s what Bun House & Tea Room is bringing […]

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta

Halal Status: Halal Despite saying this so many times already, I really love pasta. I can easily pop into an Italian restaurant in London and order a seafood or vegetarian-based pasta dish. But it’s not as easy to satisfy a craving for a hearty meat-based pasta dish as majority of Italian restaurants are not halal. That’s why […]