Bun House and Tea Room

Baos, i.e. Asian steamed buns, have been trending all over London over the recent years. From the establishment of the Taiwanese eatery Bao and all the other rising Japanese restaurants selling hirata buns – now it’s time for the Cantonese style steamed buns to emerge and that’s what Bun House & Tea Room is bringing […]

Iftar at BIRD Restaurant

Ramadan Mubarak everyone! How’s your fast going? Alhamdullilah mine’s been going quite well. One thing I noticed for this year is the rise of restaurants offering an iftar menu. It’s actually amazing to see so many restaurants in London are catering to this community. Even though I do prefer staying at home for iftar (mainly because […]

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta

Halal Status: Halal Despite saying this so many times already, I really love pasta. I can easily pop into an Italian restaurant in London and order a seafood or vegetarian-based pasta dish. But it’s not as easy to satisfy a craving for a hearty meat-based pasta dish as majority of Italian restaurants are not halal. That’s why […]

GBK Burger’s Chicken Ninja

Halal Status: only the Japanese panko fried chicken is halal (you can order that with any burger combo, not just the chicken burger menu) Surely London doesn’t lack any gourmet burgers nowadays. But back in 2001, the scenario was completely different. Three New Zealanders at the time decided to bring the concept of ‘gourmet burger’ […]

Artisanal Gelato Day at Mercanto Metropolitano

Mercanto Metropolitano is a community-based urban market based in Elephant & Castle with a strong focus on Italian food, locally-sourced and socially-conscious products. I don’t know how I wasn’t aware of this place before. Maybe it’s because I rarely wander around Elephant & Castle, but now I’m glad I have discovered this place. I was there for the Artisanal […]

Tang London

Halal Status: Halal (pork and alcohol served though) One of the things I kind of avoid when eating out in London is Chinese food. I’ve always find it rather hard to find something that’s comparable to home. London has lots of halal food places across many cuisines but a decent Chinese one hardly existed (in my […]