Bun House and Tea Room

Baos, i.e. Asian steamed buns, have been trending all over London over the recent years. From the establishment of the Taiwanese eatery Bao and all the other rising Japanese restaurants selling hirata buns – now it’s time for the Cantonese style steamed buns to emerge and that’s what Bun House & Tea Room is bringing […]

Tang London

Halal Status: Halal (pork and alcohol served though) One of the things I kind of avoid when eating out in London is Chinese food. I’ve always find it rather hard to find something that’s comparable to home. London has lots of halal food places across many cuisines but a decent Chinese one hardly existed (in my […]

Biju Bubble Tea

Where in London do you normally get your bubble tea from? I don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing – I found Biju Bubble Tea inside Westfield, which is rather close to where I live. Good thing is I no longer need to make an effort to head towards Nottinghill […]

Hoi-An Vietnamese Food

Halal Status: Halal Vietnamese is one of my most favourite Asian cuisines. What I love about it is its rusticity – how it originated from the streets yet have so much more to it than a simple street food. There is a lot of sophistication that people underestimate about it. Craving for that warming and […]

Flesh & Buns

Halal Status: Chicken is halal It all started with the Japanese ramen bar, Bone Daddies. Following the success of their very first ramen bar in central London, apart from opening multiple branches of the ramen bar across the city, they have also expanded their establishment with another two restaurants that specializes on a different aspect […]


Halal Status: Non-Halal (vegetarian & fish option available) It’s no surprise that there’s a surging number of East Asian eats popping up and establishing in London. Bao is a Taiwanese eatery that has gain lots of popularity over the years. It started as a street stall at Netil Market and now have two permanent flagship […]

Dinner at DSTRKT

Does the name DSTRKT sound familiar? Located in the heart of London in the Soho area, DSTRKT is actually known as one of London’s most famous spots around the city. It is a lounge and restaurant, and it has been crowned as a winner of the London Club & Bar Awards 2015 for a third year in a row. I […]

Feasting at Rasa Sayang

Halal status: Halal If you’re looking for a halal restaurant around China Town, Rasa Sayang is your to go to. They specialise in Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine and pride themselves being the only halal restaurant in China Town. Anyway, over the weekend we spent the day just walking around everywhere around London. Somehow we ended up at China […]

Sambal Shiok

Halal status: Halal [It is now set up at Blend cafe, 587 Green Lanes, Harringay N8 0RG until April 2017.] I’ve been seeing Sambal Shiok sweeping all over social media for months now and though it has taken me a while, I’ve finally managed to find time to pay it a visit. It all started from […]