GBK Burger’s Chicken Ninja

Surely London doesn’t lack any gourmet burgers nowadays. But back in 2001, the scenario was completely different. Three New Zealanders at the time decided to bring the concept of ‘gourmet burger’ to London. GBK Burger was then first being set up in Battersea, South London. It then quickly became a chain restaurant across the UK after […]


Halal status: Halal Burgeri is a gourmet burger brand and is a popular eatery in Doha, Qatar. It has recently just launched in London – to be precise, it’s at the very heart of London at Great Marlborough Oxford Circus, right opposite to Liberty. Unlike in Doha, this London branch would actually be the ‘flagship’ outlet for […]

Honest Burger, Honestly.

Halal Status: Non-Halal – Vegetarian Option (Chicken is halal at Tooting branch) I’ve actually tried Honest Burger a few years back. And honestly? Yes I thoroughly enjoyed that juicy Cheese Burger that I had back then – perfectly medium rare and proper juicy. However, I no longer get to enjoy that unless it is halal, which unfortunately Honest Burger isn’t […]

Amigos Burger

Halal status: Halal Amigos Burger has always caught my eye whenever I walk down Uxbridge road outside Westfield. It has this unique charm that makes it stand out from all other shops down the street. Inside the restaurant, there is one long table, a few seats by the window sill, and a couple of booths. […]

Burgista Bros

Located along Uxbridge Road at Shepherd’s Bush, this new burger place stood out among the small local businesses around the area. Opening its first branch near the Westfield shopping mall, Burgista Bros has certainly chosen its location wisely to set the business in momentum. The interior and general design of the restaurant is fairly simplistic […]

The Bustling Southern American Diner in London – Stax Diner

Halal Status: Halal Well known for shopping, Carnaby Street, located in Soho of London, offers a wide range of international brands.More excitingly, it is also one of the food hubs around London. My favorite spot there, is the Kingly Court, which is a secluded square hidden just off Carnaby Street. The entrance may not seem particularly special […]