Iftar at BIRD Restaurant

Ramadan Mubarak everyone! How’s your fast going? Alhamdullilah mine’s been going quite well. One thing I noticed for this year is the rise of restaurants offering an iftar menu. It’s actually amazing to see so many restaurants in London are catering to this community. Even though I do prefer staying at home for iftar (mainly because […]

Flesh & Buns

Halal Status: Chicken is halal It all started with the Japanese ramen bar, Bone Daddies. Following the success of their very first ramen bar in central London, apart from opening multiple branches of the ramen bar across the city, they have also expanded their establishment with another two restaurants that specializes on a different aspect […]

Only Jerkin Chicken

[this article is written for and published at Generation Nothingness online magazine] Halal status: Halal One of my most favourite things about summer is all sorts of outdoor street food festivals. They’re always super fun – great vibe or even live music, sunshine and most important of all amazing food! Out of all these stunning […]

Just Wing It!

Halal Status: Halal Who doesn’t love some nice wings! Back at the Kerb Reggae Roast last Saturday, we got really attracted to this stall when we see all those massive juicy wings on the grill at this particular stall called Winging It. Their menu is simple but catchy. First of all they offer Wing Pops […]

The Bustling Southern American Diner in London – Stax Diner

Halal Status: Halal Well known for shopping, Carnaby Street, located in Soho of London, offers a wide range of international brands.More excitingly, it is also one of the food hubs around London. My favorite spot there, is the Kingly Court, which is a secluded square hidden just off Carnaby Street. The entrance may not seem particularly special […]