Hankies Cafe

Down Shaftesbury Avenue, there’s this fairly new restaurant called the Hankies Cafe. It’s a restaurant specialising in Delhi street food with Roomali Roti, a.k.a the Hankies. The menu shares a very similar style to that of Talli Joe – i.e. the small dishes tapas style menu. While Talli Joe  is more on the higher end and fancier, the Hankies Cafe […]

Talli Joe

Talli Joe is not just another Indian restaurant in London – it is an Indian restaurant that runs the concept of cocktails and tapas. Since we don’t drink, we couldn’t care less about the cocktails but we’ve heard a lot of good things about their food and that’s why we decided to check this place […]

Joho Cinnamon Soho

Carnaby Street Eat part 2 here! So another stall we tried is a stall from the Indian restaurant, Cinnamon Soho. In case you haven’t heard about the restaurant Cinnamon Soho, it is under the flagship Cinnamon Club restaurant, which is said to be ‘an institution of in the world of Indian fine dining’. Cinnamon Soho […]

Dishoom Shoreditch

Halal status: Halal On a typical grey rainy day in London, I find myself sitting at a window seat at the Shoreditch branch of Dishoom, sipping its House Chai, and silently observing the raindrops falling on the glass window. I have already written a post about Dishoom a few months back (check out previous post: Dishoom) but this time is […]