Bun Kabab

Halal Status: Halal There is a food market by the Tower of London every Wednesday which is very close to where I work. It’s just a small market and is quite quiet (or at least it is relatively quiet when I pop down at 12). There are quite a a couple of options available at […]

Magic Falafel

It’s no surprise that I am absolutely in love with the street food scene in Camden. The variety of options is just unlimited. Even the pickiest eater will be able to find something they love. And it’s also no surprise that I found one of the best falafels in London here in Camden Market. Last weekend, […]

Hummus Lina

Hummus Lina is new food stall at Camden’s Stables Market, potentially making the best hummus in London, and serving you a healthy twist of street food in contrast to all the other options in the market.  They have opened not too long ago and was kind enough to invite us over for a review. Since it’s […]

Greenwich Market

It has been a few years since I last visited Greenwich Market. The place has always been something quite special to me. It goes all the way back to my very first Christmas in England. My friend was so kind to have invited me to stay with her family to experience this festive holiday during […]

M’Lord of the Fries

It’s certainly been a while since I last visited Greenwich Market as the last time I visited, there wasn’t this additional area that’s filled with food stalls serving you piping hot food. There were quite a lot of options, including Portuguese food, Italian pastas, German sausages, Indian food, Greek wraps, etc. Then we came across this […]

Ink Squid Bar, Camden

Camden has always been amazing but now it is even more exciting with KERB taking up residency and offering such a huge variety of food and cuisine. It’s a food heaven there for foodies and I can literally just stay there all day every day trying out everything at all these stalls. I’ve had Soft […]

Poppies Fish & Chips

[This post is written for and also publish at Generation Nothingness online magazine] Halal Status: Halal Fish & Chips – the glorious signature of English fast food that everyone all over the world knows. It pretty much represents a lot about the UK and of course carries a lot of tradition and history with it. […]

Halloumi Fries at Oli Baba

Everyone loves fries. There’s normal fries, sweet potato fries, messy fries, cheese fries, even polenta fries and okra fries. But there is this game changer here stepping into the market – Halloumi Fries. So Halloumi Fries – deep-fried cheese – no further explanation needed. At Oli Baba in KERB Camden, you can get a portion of Halloumi […]