Having rather limited halal options had always been the case when it comes to Neapolitan pizzas. Having a quality classic Margherita cannot do any wrong but wouldn’t it be nice to have the chance to try out other toppings such as the likes of salami, parma, nduja, etc? That’s why I enjoy Adora Pizza so much because it offers halal options to all of these other pizza flavours and the quality is great!

Adora Pizza: Halal Pizza Spot

Adora Pizza is located at the newly opened indoor food market of Medz Corner along Kensington High Street. Expect a full-on classic Italian Pizzeria menu from starters to desserts, and it’s all halal! We’ve seen the stall at Medz Corner before but only got to try them as a home delivery on a different occasion. We experienced a few teething issues on the delivery which I will mention more at the end of the post. Long story short, we ended up having a complimentary starter and dessert to our order.

The Food: What We Ordered

All meats served are halal at Adora Pizza. No pork or alcohol is present.

Arancini Balls (£3.95)

Arancini Balls from Adora Pizza

For starters, we were given some Arancini Balls. There are two flavours available on the menu – the Porcini Mushroom, and one with Peas, Spinach, and Ricotta. The latter is what we received.

If I get to choose, I would’ve always gone for the Porcini Mushroom flavour, but I was quite delighted with how this one turned out too. First of all, it’s got a lovely crispy exterior, with a soft and slightly gooey texture on the inside. The flavours were quite refreshing as I find a delectable minty touch in it. Texture-wise, it’s got a good balance between grainy versus creamy. All in all, a solid starter.

Tip: if you’re enjoying this at home, pop it in the air fryer for a few minutes so that it crisps up even more and tastes just like it’s freshly made!

Parma Adora (£12.95)

Parma Adora Pizza from Adora Pizza

Now on to the pizzas. First up is the Parma Adora which consisted of some fancy toppings such as beef pancetta, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, wild rocket, parmesan, and olive oil.

The beef pancetta is the halal substitute for the typical parma ham in this scenario. Its flavours were rich, intense, and oozing umami. They’re generally quite generous with it as well and every slice definitely offered a great punch of flavours to the palate. The cherry tomatoes tasted fresh and made an impeccable balance against the savoury beef pancetta.

Regina Magherita (£9.95)

Margherita Pizza from Adora Pizza

We stuck with something simple and classic for the second pizza. There are two Margherita options on the menu – the Margherita and the Regina Margherita. We ordered the latter and the main difference between the two is the cheese where ours use Buffalo Mozzarella instead of just Mozzarella.

Anyhow, less is more and it’s the best way to judge how good the food actually is with the classic options. What’s the verdict then? Adora Pizza certainly didn’t disappoint.

The dough was perfectly thin and pillowy around the edges. Filling-wise, the tomato sauce base tasted really refreshing and the buffalo mozzarella slices were the perfect complement to it. Definitely quality stuff and deserves a chef’s kiss!

Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake (£3.95)

Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake from Adora Pizza

Last but not least, desserts. We were delivered a slice of their Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake and might I say it’s the perfect treat to wrap up the meal. The cheesecake slice was a rich and decadent treat, to say the least. It features a New York-style cheesecake base, with an indulging layer of Biscoff on top. Usually, it’s something I would’ve found too sweet but they’ve hit the perfect balance where it just satisfies your sweet tooth oh-so-good.

Food Review Summary

If you’re based in west London, I’d certainly recommend a visit or order from Adora Pizza! You can properly enjoy quality gourmet Italian pizzas without having to worry about cross-contamination, etc. at other pizzerias around town. Everything was great from start to finish.

Teething Delivery Issues

I mentioned earlier that there were a few teething issues with the delivery. In a nutshell, whilst they are listed on UberEats, they use their own delivery drivers instead of those from UberEats. This means that you may experience delays and it’s difficult to track your order. In our case, we actually tried to order once a bit late in the night. After an hour wait with no update on the app, we received a call from the restaurant saying they have to cancel our order because the delivery driver had already left and was done for the day. The food was ready but there was no driver to deliver it. That’s why we ended up with complimentary starters and desserts for our next order.

On another occasion, the other half tried to order a little late in the evening again via UberEats and he waited over an hour again to have the order delivered. We fed that back to the restaurant over the phone when waiting for the order and the restaurant, once again, kindly offered complimentary starters and desserts – all delivered together without cancellation this time.

Bottom line is that I hope they eventually find a solution in improving their delivery service, but that hiccup aside, Adora Pizza is an absolutely ace spot that we’d recommend!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value

Halal Status

All meats served are halal at Adora Pizza

Tel: 020 7938 3222
Website: https://www.adorapizza.com/
Instagram: adora.pizza

Nearest station: High Street Kensington

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