No one is ever too old to enjoy milk and cookies. Imagine a massive tray of freshly baked gooey soft cookies served with a jar of fresh milk – such a simple combo but a classic way to indulge. The cookie and milk combo is nothing new but it’s just so irresistible and loved by everyone. To bring the concept to the next level, Blondies Kitchen started putting together some of the most alluring flavours and adding their own little unique magic touch to it. Subsequently, the UK’s first milk and cookie bar happened.

It started out as a temporary 2-week pop-up stall at London’s Old Street station back in 2016 when I first wrote this post. Today, it’s a successful bakery trading at the food hall of Selfridges and also offering a range of bake-at-home kits (read more: London Baking & Desserts DIY Kits).

This post is originally published on 27th October 2016 when Blondies Kitchen was a pop up stall. It has been updated to reflect its new permanent location at Selfridges.

Double Chocolate Tahini Cookie

Double Chocolate Tahini Cookie by Blondies Kitchen

The Double Chocolate Tahini Cookie is basically a double chocolate cookie with sesame. I have had sesame cookies and of course, I’ve had double chocolate cookies before. But combining the two together had been something else. The cookie was soft, fragrant and had a gooey texture especially with the melty chocolate centre. Flavour-wise, it carried quite a rich chocolate flavour. Initially, there was a subtle bitterness from the sesame but the flavours soon after blended more with one another to create a more full-bodied taste. I really enjoyed the little unique edge to the classic double chocolate flavour. It’s definitely something worth trying.

Coco Pops Milk

Bottle of Coco Pops Milk from Blondies Kitchen

To the milk part of Blondies Kitchen’s milk and cookie bar concept, you get to enjoy their gooey cookies with a side of, not just regular milk, but cereal-infused milk in a bottle! I went with the Coco Pops Milk and I think it’s pretty self-explanatory how good this was! The milk was incredibly smooth and silky to taste. Make sure you give it a little shake before drinking.

Crunchie Mousse Cookie Sandwich

Mousse Cookie Sandwich from Blondies Kitchen

This was the very last Crunchie Mousse Cookie Sandwich of the day. In a nutshell, it’s a cookie sandwich with a creamy mousse in between.

This cookie creation was pure bliss. The cookie was incredibly soft, velvety and aromatic. Normally when you get an ice cream sandwich, it’s sandwiched with ice cream which can be a bit hard to bite into especially when the ice cream is quite firm. With mousse though, it’s definitely softer and created a more gooey texture. It’s quite sweet and the flavours were simply addictive. It’s definitely a winner!

Blondies Kitchen's cookies and cereal milk
Raw Cookie Dough Slabs by Blondies Kitchen
The Raw Cookie Dough Slabs at Blondies Kitchen’s 2016 pop up

In summary…

…I was pretty impressed with Blondies Kitchen! It’s hard to not love their concept and I loved how they’ve brought in such new exciting elements to a classic concept. Everything was very well made, delicate, and of high quality, making them very worthwhile of every attention and popularity.

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Instagram: @blondieskitchen

Nearest station: Bond Street

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