Talk about the concept of live music and soul food, that’s what The Blues Kitchen is about. Of course with the current situation, these live music events had been restricted, but there’s no stopping of the good food!

We went for a Sunday brunch. The venue itself oozes of a bar/lounge atmosphere. It definitely seemed like a great live music spot. The lighting was relatively dim, creating a cosy atmosphere against the Nashville vintage style decor. We got seated by one of the booth seats, which was pretty spacious and featured their comfortable leather booths.

The brunch menu at The Blues Kitchen offers a range of classic American dishes. Some items feature a more Southern twist and Tex Mex influences, while the regulars such as burgers and wings are listed on the menu too. The good news is…their chicken is halal at all branches. On top of that, there are also both vegetarian and vegan options available.

Here is what we ordered:

Crabcake Benedict (£10.5)

Image of a Crab Cake Benedict at The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch

I had my eyes set straight on this when we decided on visiting The Blues Kitchen, as if I could ever say no to a crab cake!

To start off, the presentation was great, two pieces of crab cakes and each topped with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. The yolks were picture-perfect, and the hollandaise sauce was whipped to a thick consistency that held up its own shape without blending messily with the running yolk.

Now to the crab cake itself, it’s got a good flavour and featuring a fairly generous amount of crab meat. It’s super crispy on the outside and got a very beautiful crunch when you cut into it. Though in comparison to Eggbreak’s Crab Cake, it seemed a tad bit dry and not as spectacular in my opinion. It’s still a decent one nonetheless!

Large Buffalo Wings (9pc – £11.50)

Image of a Buffalo Chicken Wings at The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch

With the offering of halal chicken, I couldn’t resist trying out a chicken dish. So we decided to get a large portion of buffalo wings as well.

These wings were nice and crispy, with a little tingle of spice to it, featuring a blend of hot and tangy flavours. It’s not overly drenched in sauce so your fingers are going to stay clean!

It comes with a side of blue cheese dip, which was surprisingly pleasant. I often find blue cheese being overly rich but this one was easy to taste and complemented well with the chicken.

Mac & Cheese (£4.50)

I can’t ever resist ordering a Mac & Cheese at an American soul food restaurant given how much of a staple it is. This mac & cheese at the Blues Kitchen was a solid one. It was hearty and satisfying, creamy but not overly rich.

In summary…

the Blues Kitchen is definitely a decent brunch spot to stop by on the weekend. The food was fair and I mostly enjoyed the vibe in there. Whether you’re looking for a lazy brunch or someplace to hang out in the evening for live music, the Blues Kitchen got you!

  • Food
  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Value

Halal Status

Chicken is halal at all branches

Tel: 020 7729 7216
Instagram: @theblueskitchen

Nearest station: Old Street

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