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*Boondocks has unfortunately closed down*

We all know about Stax Diner. Here is its sister restaurant, named Boondocks. The two share a pretty similar food concept, following its slogan “feed your soul” and offers American comfort food. This time, the location is Old Street, just a stone throw’s away from the underground station.

Just like its sister Stax Diner, Boondocks has a very charming setting and lively vibe. While the former is more of a bustling American diner style, Boondocks has more of a retro vintage style and a more comfortable seating.

I have heard a number of mixed reviews from some fellow bloggers. Surprisingly quite a lot of them preferred Stax Diner over Boondocks. However, I personally actually find it the other way round. I prefer Boondocks more because the seats are more comfortable and it’s more spacious. One thing we were totally in love with is the decorative lights and the vintage musical decors on the wall. It simply adds so much charm and charisma to the place.

The menu of the two restaurants is very similar. There are a few favourites from Stax Diner appearing on Boondock’s, such as the Chicken & Waffles. But the menu at Boondocks is a little bit bigger and offers a wider range of burger choices and some more hearty and homely dishes such as Mac N Cheese, etc.

Mac & Cheese

For starters we ordered the Mac N Cheese to share.

It’s a little bit more than the regular mac & cheese. The Mac N Cheese features a Chipotle style of flavour plus a beautiful Parmesan crust on top. The Chipotle flavour was subtle but effective. However, I find the dish in overall tasting a bit bland – so a bit more seasoning would be nicer! Anyway, the dish, in general, didn’t taste too heavy and was just with the right amount to satisfy the palate.

Chilli Burger

Then we went for the Chilli Burger. Look how luscious that burger is!? This is basically a classic Stax burger but is topped with caramelised onions, chilli con carne, cheese sauce and hot sauce. You get to choose how well you want the burger to be cooked and of course I ordered mine medium-rare.

The burger was as fairly juicy as remembered from Stax Diner. The chilli con carne smothered all over the patty added so much more lusciousness to the burger. It was saucy, spicy and a burst of flavours. Yes it was messy to eat but you can’t be caring about that when you are busy stuffing your face into this ravishing burger.

Chicken & Waffles

After that, we went with a classic from its sister restaurant and had theChicken & Waffles.

If you have been following my blog, you would have known that as much as I absolutely love chicken & waffles, I was slightly partial about the ones from Stax Diner. You would be delighted to know that I find the one here at Boondocks better!

I find the waffle more fragrant and filled with this alluring eggy aroma. The fried chicken was crispier as well, so the whole combo tasted a lot better. Drizzling it with maple syrup, this is such a heavenly combo as always.

In summary…

…I definitely enjoyed Boondocks more than its original sister restaurant. The food was satisfying and hearty, and I really love how the restaurant carries such a lovely charm and character. It really improves the dining experience and the friendly staff had made us feel very welcomed and comfortable.

In addition to the classics Southern American comfort food dishes, they have also now launched brunch sessions!

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Boondocks London Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Website: http://boondocksldn.com/

Nearest station: Old Street


  1. Syed

    are these guys still trading? Drove past during covid and the unit was boarded up, couldnt tell if it was because they closed down or they were having a refurb

    1. ET Food Voyage

      I believe they have now closed down unfortunately

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