Fried Chicken Burger at BUK Burger Camden

Editor’s note: Burger UK is now renamed to BUK Burger

Another halal burger joint in London? Yes, indeed. Burger UK is a popular halal burger spot in Camden and prides itself on serving 100% free-range halal meats. All ingredients are organic and locally sourced where possible, and all drinks are supplied by independent retailers. You can find them at a quiet spot just a few minutes’ walk away from Chalk Farm underground station, with its intimate venue with large windows filtering plenty of natural daylight to create a soft hue against the darker wooden interior.

Burger UK / BUK Camden: Halal, Sustainable & Premium Quality Burgers

It all started with pure passion – passion for creating a sustainable restaurant, passion for providing halal meats (not just by the means of slaughtering the animal but also how the animals are raised) and, of course, passion for burgers. They strive to be more than just another halal burger joint and their quality speaks volumes to prove that.

The Food & Drinks: What We Ordered

Date of visit: August 2017

Dalston Drinks

Dalston Cola

Starting off with drinks, instead of the usual Coca-Cola, they serve organic cola from Karma Cola and Dalston Cola. Personally, I find Karma Cola to be a bit sweet so I decided to try out the Dalston Cola this time. It’s a very interesting taste compared to the usual soda. There’s a nice citrusy touch to it and a good punch of spice. I’m not sure how to describe the flavours of this. It’s got this really complex and in-depth flavour that tingles your palate.

Chef’s Special Chicken Burger (£9)

Fried Chicken Burger at Burger UK Camden

Doesn’t this burger visually looks ridiculously alluring?! This chicken burger features a humongous piece of crispy fried chicken topped with American cheese, masala chilli sauce, and served in fluffy brioche burger buns. The succulent piece of fried chicken was packed with flavours, featuring great seasoning and really juicy meat. It’s definitely a burger to watch out for. It has the right amount of sauces to complement and elevate the whole burger.

8oz Chef’s Special Beef Burger (£10)

Burger UK Beef

As for the beef burger, you can choose from 6oz / 8oz / 10oz for the beef patty. The burger also got American cheese, house chilli sauce and caramelised onions. As I took my first bite into it, I rolled my eyes up and looked back at my other half and said “you need to take a bite of this.”

Each burger patty is hand-pressed at Burger UK to contain the best flavours. There was a beautiful crust over the burger patty and a char-grilled taste on top of all that beefy flavours. For a classic beef burger, it was absolutely top-notch. The burger was a very saucy one as well, which ended up quite messy for me. I feel they can go just a little lighter on the sauce rather than over-smothering the burger. Less is more.

If I were to criticise, it would be the caramelised onions. In my opinion, the onions can be further caramelised to a browner colour plus a sweeter taste with an acidic touch. Caramelised onions are my favourite burger topping and it just didn’t really pop out in this burger. I nearly even forgot there were caramelised onions because the sauces distracted me from the taste of it.

Fries with Truffle Mayo & Grated Cheese (£4)

Truffle Mayo Cheese Fries at Burger UK

A good burger must be accompanied by some good chips and Burger UK certainly delivered that. The chips were simply addictive and unstoppable. They were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, very well seasoned and carried a rustic feel.

At first, I worried that the mayo plus cheese would be too heavy to taste. But thankfully, the subtle truffle seasoning elevated the mayo and wouldn’t taste sickening. It’s also different from typical cheese fries where grated cheese was used rather than an overly rich cheese sauce. In my opinion, that added a touch of sophistication to the fries. I kept saying I was full but I also couldn’t stop munching them until the plate is clean.

Battered Crispy Chicken Strips – Sweet & Spicy (£5.50)

Battered Crispy Chicken Strips at Burger UK

Now this one’s an interesting one. First of all, you can choose from three flavours – plain, teriyaki, or sweet & spicy. Between the teriyaki and the sweet & spicy one, we went for the latter. It caught us by surprise when these sweet & spicy chicken strips came with such a strong Asian influence. The chicken strips were neatly lined up with sprinkles of white sesame seeds on top and a drizzle of the sauce. They filled the table with the aroma of sesame oil.

As I bite into it, the fried chicken itself reminded me of Japanese Chicken Karaage (Japanese fried chicken). Then there’s that strong fragrance of sesame oil that reminded me of Chinese food. And then there seemed to be also a hint of Korean Gochujang (Korean fermented spicy bean paste) for spice. All in all, it felt like an Asian cuisine party on my taste buds! I definitely didn’t expect that was so pleasantly surprised with this one.

Restaurant Review Summary

Summing up, we really enjoyed our visit to Burger UK and it is certainly a spot to watch out for. No wonder it’s such a popular halal food spot in Camden! We adored the concept and absolutely loved the food. I would love to see this place blooming and raise more awareness of locally sourced products. If you’re around Camden, most definitely check out this burger place and treat yourself to some proper quality burgers! They’re contemplating adding a milkshake menu as well very soon so stay tuned.

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Halal Status

Everything is halal at Burger UK

Tel: 020 7482 0438
Instagram: buk.burger

Nearest station: Chalk Farm


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