Hidden behind a corridor in the forever-bustling Causeway Bay, there is this small cafe called Cafe Corridor that allows people to have a little escape from the busy cosmopolitan.

Its entrance is completely unassuming, and who would have thought a tiny corridor could lead to such a lovely little coffee spot. A nice little meal with a good cup of coffee – that’s my kind of life, and this little place is surely my kind of place.


Their cappuccino was really nice. The coffee was aromatic and of the right amount of strength. The milk foam on top was rich, which created a velvety texture. It encompassed a full-bodied flavour and was

On top of good coffee, they do great latte art as well. Looking at this cheerful latte art in front of me instantly puts a smile on my face.

Image of a cup of Cappuccino at Cafe Corridor

The picture above is another cappuccino my friend ordered. I love that each cup has its own latte art!

I don’t know about you, but these latte arts really cheer me up just by looking at it. And of course it felt extra good because these coffees do indeed taste as amazing as they look.


Image of a cup of Mocha at Cafe Corridor

Another friend had ordered a Mocha as well. After tasting a sip, I was instantly impressed. The blend of chocolate and coffee was just right – the flavors were very well-balanced, both have their room to shine without overpowering one another. I personally find it hard to get a proper good cup of mocha but this certainly made my day!

On the side note, hilariously, the latte art on the mocha was an unhappy face! But this unhappy face had the ability to make you smile instead. I personally really admired the swirls around the face, which looked really artsy and elegant.

In summary…

…they say it’s always the little things that make a difference. That’s how I feel about Cafe Corridor. This place really warms my heart because it reminded me to appreciate and be thankful for little things in life. As simple as a smiley latte art (or even the sad face one) managed to lighten up my day. These tiny little things are too often being ignored or people take things for granted all the time. I’m simply thankful to have stumbled across this place for filling me with positivity and cheerfulness!

Tel: +852 2892 2927
Website: https://www.facebook.com/cafecorridor/
Instagram: @cafe_corridor

Nearest station: Causeway Bay

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