Charred Ramadan Meal Kit

If you’re looking for an effortless 3-course iftar feast, I couldn’t recommend enough Charred Ramadan Meal Kit! For this Ramadan, Charred has launched a Ramadan iftar package, featuring a well thought out 3-course menu featuring Smoked Brisket Croquettes and Smoked Aubergine Galette for starters, Moroccan-spiced Lamb Shanks and Cumin Rice for mains, and Gooey Milk Chocolate Cookies and Chai blend from Chai Guys for desserts. Servings of 2, 4 or 6 are available. All the dishes are also available to purchase as individual dishes should you not be in the mood for a full-on three-course menu.

You can normally find Charred trading at Old Spitalfields Market serving up all sorts of American BBQ and smoked meats with their own modern take. Like many other restaurants, they have started a meal kit delivery service last year, offering a range of easy-to-prep meal kits delivered to your doorstep. In addition, they have also launched a range of healthy prepped meals with their smoked meats offerings. All prepped meals are under 500 calories and are most perfect for both gym goers and busy bees.

Delivery & Packaging

Deliveries are on Fridays. Keep note of the cut-off dates and simply order online on their website. The packages came in well-insulated boxes and reheating instructions are sent separately by email.

Charred Ramadan Iftar Package (£40/£80/£120 for 2/4/6 servings)

Smoked Aubergine Galette (£6 individually)

Smoked Aubergine Galette from Charred Ramadan Menu

Starting with the Smoked Aubergine Galette, the crispy pastry is filled with smoked aubergine, roasted red pepper, feta, fig and shallot achar. The galette is easily reheated by popping it into the oven for 10 minutes to warm through. Its subtle natural sweetness absolutely makes the perfect starter for iftar and really helps to open up the palate as well.

Smoked Brisket Croquettes (£6 individually)

Smoked Brisket Croquettes from Charred Ramadan Menu

These croquettes were meant to be deep-fried but I decided to try my hand at air fryer instead. They didn’t hold their shape very well but the aesthetics matter not when the flavours were this luscious. The croquettes were oozing of the creamy melted cheese, tinged with pieces of smoked brisket and laced with jalapeño and pickled onion to balance out the richness. It’s rich but never overpowering. I could devour a whole plate of this by myself!

Smoked Moroccan Spiced Lamb Shank, Rich Fragrant Sauce + Cumin Rice (£24 individually)

Lamb Shank from Charred Ramadan Menu

As for mains, the lamb shank was a stunner to the dinner table. The preparation was easy as you only have to let the pouch sit in a pot of simmering water for 25-30 minutes. Tender meat falling off the bone and drenched in this fragrant Moroccan-spiced sauce, it’s safe to say it was a very satisfying dish. It’s saucy and packed with stewed vegetables, apricots and cranberries. I especially enjoyed the subtle touch of spices and tangy flavours, which was just perfect with rice. The cumin rice was fairly standard and easily prepped in the microwave.

Gooey Milk Chocolate Cookies + Kadak Chai from Chai Guys (£6 individually)

I must admit I didn’t expect much for these cookies but I was extremely pleasantly surprised by how amazing they were. The cookies were generous in size and turned out so perfectly gooey. They carry a beautiful light crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. No doubt were they an addictive munch, to say the least, and totally up to par with many cookies shops!

Last but not least, Charred has paired up with Chai Guys to offer a packet of their Kadak Chai to finish off the wonderful menu. The chai was just the perfect finishing touch to the meal, featuring a beautiful blend of cinnamon and cardamom. Video instructions are accessible via the QR code on the packet. Make sure you have a tin of evaporated milk ready to make this. There isn’t any better combo than those gooey cookies plus a steaming cup of this chai!

Order Charred Ramadan 3-course menu on their website

In summary

Priced at £40 for two, this Ramadan iftar 3-course meal kit is seriously one great value treat. The entire menu is incredibly well thought out and the quality was spot on from starters to desserts. In other words, I couldn’t recommend this enough. Make sure you place your order before Sundays to get yours for the Friday after!

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Halal Status

Everything is halal at Charred

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Charred Ramadan Meal Kit Food Review

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