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How can one not love crepes? This French goodness always gets my heart. A quick sweet crepe is always a great snack or tea time idea. A good classic lemon, sugar & butter crepe or nutella crepe for sure brings a smile on my face immediately.

But my absolute favourite way of having crepes is to have it as a meal. I absolutely adore a big crepe stuffed with all sorts of savoury fillings. It’s one perfect brunch in my opinion as well as a nice change for lunch when served with a side of salad.

 On a casual morning, as me and my friend leisurely stroll around Old Spitalfields Market looking for a brunch spot, we came across Crepeaffaire.

Its relaxing and charismatic setting, especially at the outdoor seating area, is what caught our attention. Especially with the sunny weather on the day, the rays of sunshine added an additional charm to the place.

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The menu offers a range of sweet and savoury crepes. The menu of the sweet crepes offers all the classic combinations. As for the savoury section, they offer quite a variety of options – from a classic ham & cheese to more exotic options such as Hoisin Duck, Mexican, Moroccan etc.

After settling ourselves down at the outdoor area, we each ordered ourselves a savoury crepe. I chose the Mexican Chicken crepe and my friend had the Moroccan crepe.

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Starting with my Mexican Chicken crepe. The crepe consists marinated pulled chicken, rice, soured cream, salsa, cheese, chillies.

The filling is very creamy and flavourful. The sauce and chicken aren’t spicy on its own but you do get a mild heat from the red chillies – I personally would have liked to have a bit of heat in the sauce instead of a separate heat from garnishing chillies. The little layer of rice rounded up the flavours impeccably and added just the right amount of filling satisfaction to the meal. It might sound a bit similar to a burrito but it is for sure less filling as a burrito and has a more sophisticated touch to it.

Not to forget to mention that their crepes are made beautifully either. It’s perfectly thin and elastic with this nice eggy flavour. It just complements everything together and the flavours all come together stunningly. The dish is saucy, creamy and flavourful – a good filling brunch for certain.

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As for the Moroccan crepe, it consists Moroccan couscous, falafel, raisins, salsa, harissa hummus. The crepe itself is absolutely lovely as I mentioned above. I find the Moroccan crepe has more of a sweeter edge of flavours. You can taste a subtle touch of harissa and the exotic Moroccan spices but there’s also a lot of natural sweetness to it.

The crepe is fully stuffed but it is comparatively less filling than the Mexican Chicken crepe – rice is definitely more filling than couscous. It is also comparatively less saucy. The couscous carries most of the Moroccan flavours and I liked how it is mixed with the falafel and other components so that the flavours get spread evenly. I’m rather foreign to Moroccan flavours but it’s certainly an interesting combination of flavours that I would like to explore more later.

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All in all, it’s been an absolutely delightful brunch at Crepeaffaire. Not only is the food well made but its setting and vibe are just right for a relaxing and leisure brunch.

The concept of savoury crepes have been around for decades but I really like how Crepeaffaire explores on different flavours and create fusion combinations. It was surprisingly filling either – which is a bonus.

The crepes were such a joy to have on this sunny relaxing morning. With the charming setting, it felt as if we were on vacation somewhere in France, enjoying crepes under the sun – what a great way to start the day don’t you agree? 🙂

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My Rating: 4/5

Spitalfields Address: Old Spitalfield Market London E1 6BG
Westfield Address: 1st floor (adjacent to The Balcony Food Court) Ariel Way, White City, London W12

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