No kidding, one of my close friends makes the best carrot cake on this planet. Honestly, I was never a fan of carrot cake until her and certainly haven’t found anywhere does it better than hers. Over the last few months, I keep seeing on Instagram people posting cakes from Cutter & Squidge and claim it has the best carrot cake. I jokingly tagged her saying she now has competition and we need to check this place out to judge who does it better.

Just recently before Ramadan, we finally managed to make time together to pay Cutter & Squidge a visit. When we stepped into the shop, it’s like stepping into a magical cake fairyland. You see all these confectioneries and enormous dream cakes all fully displayed in front of you over a long counter, as well as shelves of merchandise and giftboxes by the window side.

We had scanned at the cakes available but didn’t see any carrot cake! After asking the staff, we found out that the Carrot Cake was only a seasonal flavour on the menu. As we entered summer, they are now focusing more on fruity flavours whereas carrot cake is a more of an autumnal flavour. The same case goes with the Red Velvet cake which I was intending to order because it’s my most favourite cake flavour.

Albeit slightly bummed out by having both flavours unavailable, there’re still a lot of alluring flavours for us to choose from. After we each picked a flavour, we couldn’t help ourselves but checking out their adorable Biskies as well

Biskies are a signature product from Cutter & Squidge. It is basically a sandwiched dessert that is a cross-over between a cake and a cookie, filled with cream. They looked absolutely adorable and delicate. In addition, there’s one particular flavour that really popped out to us, so we treated ourselves to one to share as well.

Here is what we ordered:

Matcha Black Sesame Biskie

Image of the Matcha Black Sesame Biskie at Cutter & Squidge

The Biskie that stood out to us was this Matcha Black Sesame one. Of course, we were more inclined towards Asian flavours here. Anyway, the biskies were quite an interesting creation. It’s firm like a cookie but without the crunch. Instead of the crunch, it has a slight cakey and soft texture in it. Just the biskie alone, I already really like it. You know when you eat an ice cream sandwich and the crunch of cookie makes it quite messy to eat or even difficult to bite into? There’s no such problem with the biskies. They were easy to bite and cut through with a fork. It’s soft but not at all soggy and added great texture to the dessert.

Sandwiched in between those lovely biskies was a black sesame buttercream plus a matcha ganache creamy core. I absolutely loved the black sesame buttercream. It carried this mild nutty flavour and was very light to taste. I personally felt the matcha ganache was a bit redundant in this dish. I enjoyed the matcha flavour but didn’t stand out much from the dish. The black sesame buttercream certainly stole the spotlight with its delicate flavours.

Lemon Meringue Cake

Image of a slice of Lemon Meringue Cake at Cutter & Squidge

The cake is composed of five layers of lemon infused vanilla sponge, filled with lemon buttercream & curd, and topped off with a meringue disc. There’s a very strong tangy and lemoney flavour in this cake. It’s really strong but not punchy and overly sour. There’s a right but strong balance of acidity, sweetness, and decadence in this cake. The sponge was really moist and a bit dense. Not to forget the airy mousse-like texture of the meringue on top! The light meringue complemented the indulging cake impeccably and creates a perfect balancing touch to the cake.

Billionaire Cake

Image of a slice of Billionaire Cake at Cutter & Squidge

Only if I get to become a billionaire after engulfing this luscious Billionaire Cake! The cake has, again, five layers of chocolate sponge, filled with a premium Belgian chocolate buttercream, handmade shortbread pieces and award winning caramel sauce in each layer.

The sponge was incredibly moist and absolutely heavenly when spread with this smooth and velvety buttercream. Compared to the Lemon Meringue Cake above, I find this cake has a more spongy texture. It wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be and didn’t leave me with a sickening feeling. I absolutely loved the crunch from the shortbread which added texture to the cake. It’s definitely a rich and indulging cake but it’s also so addictive and irresistible!

In summary…

…definitely pay Cutter & Squidge a visit if you’re around the area. We had an incredible experience there despite not being able to try out our intended flavours. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Food was great and the seating was comfortable. The cakes are quite huge so do save space in your stomach when you’re going! In addition, you can buy those lovely Biskies in gift boxes as well and they do a lot of seasonal flavours which you can keep an eye out on their social media.

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Tel: 020 7734 2540
Instagram: @cutterandsquidge

Nearest station: Picadilly Circus

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