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On a typical grey rainy day in London, I find myself sitting at a window seat at the Dishoom Shoreditch, sipping its House Chai, and silently observing the raindrops falling on the glass window.

I have already written a post about Dishoom a few months back (check out previous post) but this time is another experience at another branch.

You walk through this little tunnel built with an open wooden ceiling with vines intertwining and decorated with warm-coloured lights. It oversees The Verandah, i.e. Dishoom Shoreditch’s special lounging area, where you can observe people enjoying their meal in this lounge area. Plus its unique vintage setting and mellow essential aroma, it’s as if you got transported to a different realm observing the world from a different side.

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The restaurant was busier than I expected as I arrived on for a late weekday lunch. I was seated inside the main restaurant area.  It’s so busy that they have opened up their waiting/drinks area into the dining area, and that’s where I got seated by one of the window sills.

The setting of Dishoom Shoreditch is more or less the similar to the branch at Carnaby but this branch feels a bit more spacious (or maybe it’s just because I didn’t get into the main dining hall area).

House Chai (£3.2)

A glass of House Chai at Dishoom Shoreditch

First thing first, I ordered House Chai. The spices were pretty strong and it instantly warmed my whole body up. It was the perfect companion to this gloomy day. It was very smooth and silky to sip, with a full-bodied texture and flavour on top of the spices. There was the right amount of sweetness as well. It was simply so satisfyingly warming and delicious.

P.S. You can learn to make their House Chai at home via their cookbook “Dishoom: From Bombay with Love”

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Pau Bhaji (£5.7)

Pau Bhaji at Dishoom Shoreditch

I started out my lunch with a Pau Bhaji. In a nutshell, this is a bowl of mashed vegetables curry served with a hot buttery pau bun – in Chowpatty Beach style (Bombay street food style).

Words can’t describe how much I love this dish.  The vegetables were perfectly mashed to a mushy texture. It’s incredibly flavorful and quite refreshing at the same time with a touch of lime, coriander and onions. The buns were housemade and were so soft, spongy and buttery. They were no doubt the impeccable combination with the vegetable curry for both your taste buds and stomach. It was a pretty hearty dish and was actually quite filling itself.

Table Condiments at Dishoom Shoreditch

I played around with the complimentary condiments on the table as well. There were three different sauces – mint chutney, tamarind, and coriander chutney. All three were very tasty and refreshing. They’re all winning sauces really, but my personal favourite is the coriander one because it’s so fragrant and refreshing with a hint of lime.

Spicy Lamb Chops (£8.9)

Spicy Lamb Chops at Dishoom Shoreditch

Moving onto the mains, I ordered their Spicy Lamb Chops from the grill. Lamb chops are definitely my favourite type of meat. A beautiful sear, tender medium rare and juicy meat with a light grassy flavour – that makes me a super happy and satisfied bunny!

These lamb chops tasted as good as it looks. Visually it looked very well-rubbed with spices and seasoning with a beautiful sear that sealed up the juices. Well indeed these lamb chops, not only were they nicely seasoned, but they were also very well marinated. The rub they use carried a mild spiciness and refreshing tang. From the description of the menu, it says they are marinated overnight ‘in a special marinade of lime juice and jaggery, warm dark spices, ginger and garlic’. The flavours have fully soaked into the meat yet not overpowering the lamb itself. It retained a bit of its grassy taste, which is an absolute delight. Since the lamb chops looked a bit thin, I was worried that it might come out a bit dry but it was succulent and still had a light pink colour inside. I simply couldn’t get enough of them. It felt like the dish was finished way too fast and I surely still wanted more.

In summary…

…my lunch at Dishroom Shoreditch was such a calming and peaceful afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed savouring such tremendous food while enjoying my window view. Maybe it was my mood of that day but I felt like I just fully immersed myself into the vibe and atmosphere of the restaurant. It was a beautiful hour where I felt so content, inspired and at peace. Thank you Dishoom, for the food, service, and experience.

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Halal Status

Chicken and lamb are Halal.

Alcohol is present on premise.

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Tel: 020 7420 9324
Instagram: @dishoom

Nearest station: Shoreditch High Street

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Dishoom Shoreditch Restaurant Review
Dishoom Shoreditch Restaurant Review

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