Dominique Ansel Treehouse

*Both Dominique Ansel establishments have permanently closed down in London*

I was there when Dominique Ansel Bakery first opened its doors in Victoria. And now, they’ve decided to open up another branch in Covent Garden. But instead of being another bakery, Dominique Ansel Treehouse is a two-storey space decorated in a treehouse-style offering their heavenly baked goods and desserts!

Dominique Ansel Treehouse

Walking up to the shop, you’d see the most adorable and enchanting treehouse decorations. And it’s just as enchanting inside with its wooden interior. If you manage to get a table upstairs, it’s decorated with the dreamiest treehouse canopy style!

You may ask if the two Dominique Ansel shops the same? No, not exactly. You get a few classic items appearing on both menus but the two have their own separate menu. For one, Dominique Ansel Treehouse doesn’t sell any cronuts or the cookie milk shots. It also has a dedicated bistro and sharing desserts menu,

Coffee Tart (£7.80)

Dominique Ansel Treehouse Coffee Tart

From the dessert display, the coffee tart immediately caught my attention. Aesthetically and structurally, it’s pretty much the same thing as Bafarat‘s classic coffee tart. It has the same swirl over the coffee cream that sits atop a biscuit case layered with a coffee crunch and vanilla cream.

Flavour-wise, the coffee flavour was quite subtle. It’s got a relatively creamy texture in contrast to Bafarat’s half cream half crunch texture. In overall, it’s absolutely lovely but if you’re really looking for a strong distinct coffee touch, I’d say Bafarat might have a better edge.

DKA (£4.90)

I also treated myself an extra DKA treat, i.e. Dominique Ansel’s classic Kouign Amman.

Just like the one from the Dominique Ansel Bakery, it’s got a beautiful caramelised crisp on the outside, and perfectly fluffy on the inside. It just hits the spot the same way as before and it’s perfect to pair with a coffee!

Matcha Latte (£4.50)

Matcha Latte

For drinks, I went for the Matcha Latte. The drink took forever to arrive so that part I wasn’t too pleased. Nevertheless, the matcha latte made up for it with its smooth velvety texture. The matcha flavour was subtle but wasn’t as distinct as I anticipated.

Summing up, I absolutely adore this new Dominique Ansel Treehouse. The interior and decor were on point and I’m highly charmed by the enchanted treehouse theme. The only thing is the slow service for drinks but I’ll give it a pass since they’ve only very recently opened. I really look forward to returning and try out their bespoke dessert menu at their canopy seating section!

Tel: 020 3883 4710 | Website:

Nearest station: Covent Garden

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Dominique Ansel Treehouse

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