Australian sensation doughnut chain, Doughnut Time, has come to London! The tiny hole-in-the-wall doughnut store in Brisbane has gained so much popularity and have quickly expanded to multiple locations across Australia. And now it’s making an ambitious move and launching its first international site in London.

First opening its doors a few weeks ago at Shaftesbury Avenue, Doughnut Time has attracted a huge crowd to visit. The queue was mental upon the first few days of opening. We went over a week after its opening on a Saturday afternoon. Luckily the queue was quite normal and we didn’t have to queue overly long. The shop was pretty small, which I suppose is to replicate their original hole-in-the-wall concept.

The O.G. (Original Glaze)

The first test to see whether a shop is of any real good is to go for their original and simplest option. Did it pass the test? It surely did. First of all the doughnut itself was incredibly spongy and fluffy. The glaze was lusciously creamy over the doughnut and surprisingly not overly sweetened. It is one massive doughnut but not too heavy or rich. It’s decadent but well-balanced. Everything about it was simply an absolute delight.

Ferrero No Share (Ferrero Roche)

It’s named Ferrero No Share for all the right reasons. This doughnut consists a dark chocolate glaze, roasted hazelnuts topping and an actual Ferrero Rocher – and there’s no way we’re sharing it. Again, the doughnut itself was really fluffy and not overly heavy. The dark chocolate glaze was velvety and not too sweet. To be honest, if it’s just the doughnut and dark chocolate glaze, it’s nothing too special. But with the roasted hazelnuts on top, it adds some crunch and extra layer of texture to the doughnut. Plus, who doesn’t love having a whole ferrero roche on top as well!

Sia Later (Red Velvet)

Given how much I love Red Velvet cakes, I just had to get this one when I saw it. Doughnut Time’s Red Velvet doughnut is topped with a vegan butter cream frosting and a few freeze-dried raspberries. A little red bits in the butter cream frosting adds a slight touch of visual elegance to the doughnut. Biting into it, you already know it’s a fluffy one. But what caught me more is how light it tasted. While expecting a dense cake base and rich frosting, the doughnut was definitely much lighter than anticipated. It isn’t a bad thing at all, but it kind of lost that essence. Moreover, the flavours weren’t as popping either so it’s only red velvet by its look rather than truly like a red velvet cake. Nevetheless, I still really enjoyed it.

Crème de la Creme (Creme Brûlèe)

Crème brûlée doughnuts isn’t a new thing (see Crosstown Doughnut‘s version here). Doughnut Time made theirs filled with custard and topped with toffee. This one was a very rich one, especially in comparison to all the other ones mentioned above. A super rich custard was oozing out after biting into it. Pairing together with the doughnut itself and toffee, it was relatively a heavy one for certain. Personally, since the other ones attained a relatively light texture and flavour, I feel this one could also use some balance by making a lighter custard to complement to rich taste of toffee. Perhaps a custard like Bread Ahead‘s doughnut could really do the trick as it’s still very satisfying yet not too rich.

To sum up, despite many other fancier toppings and flavours, our favourite is undoubtedly the Original Glaze doughnut. If you fancy a decadent and indulgent treat, now you know where to find this Australian sensation in the heart of London. Let us know your thoughts and your favourite flavour!

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Nearest station: Leicester Square / Piccadilly Circus

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