So fairly recently, Taiwanese wheel cakes have made its introduction to London. It started with Wheelcake Island, who’s been trading as a street food stall at Bricklane, Old Spitalfields Market, and Westfield (White City). But they’re not the only one. The other contender who entered the market is Dragon Cat Cafe.

Dragon Cat Cafe is a newly opened Taiwanese cafe at Hammersmith Broadway. It offers a vast menu of bubble teas, Taiwanese fruit teas and, of course, wheel cakes. Stepping inside the cafe, I immediately fell in love with it. The interior is bright, contemporary and minimalist. With the soft chillhop music playing in the background, this is totally my type of place.

Dragon Cat Cafe

Sun Moon Lake Bubble Tea

Firstly I ordered a bubble tea. Their own Dragon Cat Bubble Milk Tea certainly caught my eye initially. However, scanning further down the menu, I spotted this one called Sun Moon Lake Bubble Milk Tea.

I have visited Sun Moon Lake before back when I was still living in Hong Kong (it’s super convenient to visit Taiwan from there!). Taiwan is quite a foodie country, and one of the specialities at the Sun Moon Lake region is their Assam black tea. That’s why I decided to go for this Sun Moon Lake option and see how authentic it is!

I’m happy to announce that this Sun Moon Lake Bubble Milk Tea is one authentic cup of boba! The tea was very fragrant and carries that luscious silky texture. I ordered 70% sugar and the sweetness level was just right. All in all, it reminded me of my travels to Taiwan back in the days and left me with a sense of nostalgia.

Bubble Tea Wheelcake

Bubble Tea Wheelcake

This bubble tea wheelcake is the very reason I first found out about Dragon Cat Cafe. With the rising popularity of bubble tea in the West, it’s not surprising at all to see London jumping onto the trend and start serving dessert dishes with tapioca.

I believe tapioca isn’t the most traditional filling for wheelcakes. But with today’s innovative food trends, once again, no surprise on such creation. Though I’m not thoroughly convinced that tapioca is the best filling option in a wheelcake, I thought it was definitely interesting and worth a try.

Matcha & Red Bean Wheelcake

Matcha Red Bean Wheelcake

For the second wheelcake I went for the Matcha & Red Bean one. You can get just matcha or just red bean, but seeing there’s an option for both – why not?

It wasn’t too sweet to taste at all, but this time round I would preferred it to be sweeter. The matcha was fine but the red beans could use a little bit more sugar. In my opinion the red beans could go just a tad bit mushier so that it comes out more gooey.

In summary

Dragon Cat Cafe is definitely worth popping by if you’re around Hammersmith. I really enjoyed its cute and atmospheric interior, and loved its uniquely Taiwanese menu.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Atmosphere

Instagram: @dragoncatcafe

Nearest station: Hammersmith

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