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After the success of the Stax Diner and Boondocks, Bea Vo has recently launched another establishment, the Famous Flames (and Butterscotch cake shop!). It is located right by the Camden Town tube station at Kentish Town Road.

The shop is a relatively tiny space and more of a fast food style. It specializes in wings and flame-grilled burgers – your classic comfort food to ‘feed your soul’. While Stax Diner and Boondocks share a pretty similar menu, the Famous Flames offer something different but still sticking with the South American soul food theme.

Wings, Mac & Cheese and Fries – @SoMeetUp Foodie Event

The Famous Flames opened its doors in late February. I’ve always been a fan of both Stax Diner and Boondocks, and have been meaning to pay the Famous Flames a visit. Luckily a couple weeks ago, there was a foodie social media event hosted at the Boondocks. Bea decided to include a selection of wings from the Famous Flames onto the menu for the event.

That is when I first got a taste of these finger-licking wings. I absolutely loved it and am determined to make a visit to the shop in person at some point. Then I found out they were having a launch party last Wednesday! Without hesitation I agreed to attend. At the launch party, we get to either choose from their cheeseburger or a box of 6 wings, plus fries (skinny fries / waffle fries) and a drink. We obviously make the best out of it and ordered each to share.

Wings (£5.50 for 6 / £10 for 12)

In our box of 6 wings, we get to try out each wings flavour on the menu, which are:

  • Garlic Parmesan (roasted garlic, butter, herbs & parmesan)
  • Saigon Caramel (fish sauce, brown sugar, fried garlic & chilli oil)
  • Classic Buffalo
  • General Tso’s (soy, sesame, garlic & red chilli)
  • Chipotle Honey Habanero BBQ (smoked chipotle, honey & coriander)
  • Nashville Hot (cayenne, butter, brown sugar, garlic)

Each flavour was absolutely saucy and finger-licking enjoyable. Every single one of them carries an explosion of delectable flavours and has their own unique distinct taste. My favourite got to be the Garlic Parmesan one – the flavours were just absolutely on point. Personally I would also highly recommend the Saigon Caramel and General Tso’s wings. Perhaps it’s my Asian background that led me incline to these two flavours but they were inherently unique and different from your typical wings.

The Famous Flames Cheeseburger (£5.50 for single patty / £7.50 double / £9 triple)

While both Stax Diner and Boondocks serve thick gourmet burgers, the Famous Flames one use a thinner patty. Nevertheless, its flavours are just as great. The beef 28-day dry aged and was flame grilled to perfection. Instead of the usual brioche burger bun, they used Martin’s Potato Rolls (the same buns as Shake Shack). The burger is also served with lettuce, tomato, American cheese and mayo. The beef patty was very flavourful and juicy. The melty cheese and soft buns creates such a tremendous sensation.


To sum up, this has certainly been a fun experience. On top of the great food, I also absolutely loved the vibe there. The old school hip hop playlist definitely makes the perfect setting to these satisfying food. I wish there could be more seating and a wider space. Apart from that, definitely go check this place out!

My Rating: 4/5

Fun and Finger-licking wings!

Address: 11 Kentish Town Road, London, NW1 8NH
Closest Underground Station: Camden Town
Restaurant Website


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