Here’s to another pasta restaurant visit, and this time it’s the well-hyped Flour & Grape in Bermondsey!

Following Padella, I feel like I haven’t really gone out there chasing about all the new pasta joints in London as there seem to be always a queue. But after hearing so much about Flour & Grape and all the hype, I’ve finally made the effort to pop down after work to check it out.

With no surprise, there was a long wait when we arrived Flour & Grape despite arriving for an early dinner on a Monday. Nonetheless, through their queuing system, I’ve now learned about the app “WalkIn” which allows you to start queuing virtually while you’re on the way and minimises the actual waiting time when you arrive at the restaurant! For us who just showed up at the restaurant, they basically put us onto the app as well via a guest link to join the queue and we get a live update on the queuing situation. Personally, I find this pretty handy for lots of London restaurants so I decided to actually download this app to use.

We waited for about half an hour and eventually got seated. The restaurant is actually slightly bigger than I expected and its interior has a cosy touch. It’s absolutely buzzing and super busy in there.

The menu is quite straight forward, with a good selection of small plates as starters and a simple pasta menu. Here is what we ordered:

Spaghetti Alla Chitarra (£11)

Monkfish Tomato Spaghetti at Flour & Grape

I had the Spaghetti Alla Chitarra, i.e. spaghetti with monkfish in tomato, garlic and chilli sauce. First things first, the pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente texture – which is very important!

As for the sauce, I’m loving the little kick of spice in that lip-smacking garlic tomato sauce. I absolutely adore monkfish so this whole combo was simply perfect.

Truffle Taglierini (£12.5)

Truffle Taglierini at Flour & Grape

Then I had the Truffle Taglierini, which is made with preserved truffle, butter emulsion, and cured egg yolk. When people hype about Flour & Grape, it’s got to be this very dish.

The flavours of this dish were superb. It’s simple yet lusciously buttery and oozing of umami flavours.

Wholemeal Mussels Linguine (£9)

Wholemeal Mussels Linguine at Flour & Grape

This one was slightly different as it uses wholemeal pasta. Compared to the two outstanding pasta dishes before, this one was good but comparatively underwhelming.

In summary…

Flour & Grape has certainly lived up the hype and no doubt one of the top pasta spots in London. That Truffle Taglierini is one enough to make me return for more. If you’re a pasta lover and you haven’t checked out London’s hottest pasta spot yet, what are you waiting for!

  • Food
  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Value

Halal Status

Not halal but vegetarian & pescatarian options available

Tel: 020 7407 4682
Instagram: @flourandgrape

Nearest station: London Bridge

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Flour & Grape Restaurant Review
Flour & Grape Restaurant Review
Flour & Grape Restaurant Review

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