Hiding in the streets of Shoreditch and just around the corner of Hoxton Square, the Friends of Ours is an underrated brunch spot in London. This independent cafe is a neighbourhood favourite, specialising in Australasian-inspired breakfasts and speciality coffees. They are actually a first-time business venture from two friends who share a passion for good food – how amazing is that?

The shop was a small cosy one, with a couple of outdoor seating available. Seeing the glorious sun after consecutive days of rain, we opted for the outdoor seats as we arrived on Sunday morning. We’re so lucky to have got a table straight away, as right after we sat down, a queue started forming outside the shop.


Flat White at Friends of Ours
Iced Mocha at Friends of Ours

The morning is never right without a good cup of coffee. I ordered my usual Flat White whereas my friend ordered the Iced Mocha. A smile immediately spread across my face as I took a sip of my Flat White. The coffee was incredibly rich and smooth to taste. With that luscious velvety texture, it’s certainly my perfect cup of coffee. I also particularly enjoyed how the coffee doesn’t leave you a bitter aftertaste.

Matcha and Cherry Brioche French Toast at Friends of Ours
Matcha and Cherry Brioche French Toast at Friends of Ours

We hear so much about Matcha these days – the craze is unbelievable. I appreciate Matcha flavour-ed food but sometimes I do find the frenzy has got a bit out of hand. When I saw Matcha French Toast on the menu, I was rather unimpressed, but luckily my friend decided to order that.

his French Toast dish was wowing. While I was merely expecting normal French toast dusted with Matcha powder,  this French Toast actually uses Matcha bread. Having the Matcha blended into the bread itself really enhances the flavour.  The bread was really soft and fluffy, with a nice subtle crisp on top. The Morillo cherry pastry cream sandwiched  in between complemented the Matcha incredibly well. Every single component of this dish was impeccable. From the presentation to flavours, every detail was on point.

Salmon Pastrami & Folded Eggs (£11)

This was actually the dish the got Friends of Ours on my radar. I’ve heard so many good things about this place as well as this particular dish so was incredibly excited to try it out.

Did it live up to the hype? Yes, it certainly did. While I expected the house-smoked salmon pastrami would be the highlight of the dish – yes, it’s phenomenal – but the eggs and all the other components of the dish all equally share that spotlight. The smokey flavour of the salmon was superb. It’s not just your regular smoked salmon but more like an explosion of savoury flavour as you bite into it.

The scrambled eggs were extremely creamy and luscious. They’re very well seasoned too and complemented with the salmon pastrami impeccably. The sourdough toast carried a nice crust and was fluffy inside – perfect to pair up and soaking up all those flavours! I personally am not a fan of horseradish so I can’t be the judge for this. All I can say is, it’s punchy but still in harmony with all the other elements on the dish.

In summary…

Friends of Ours had delivered one of the most satisfying breakfasts I’ve had for a long time. We’ve cleared our plates sneaky clean and ended up with huge satisfied smiles across our faces. Honestly, it’s got to be one of the best breakfast places in London. Their dishes are of tremendous quality and turns the simplest of ingredients with a wowing factor. Every single detail from head to toe was spot on and it’s truly impressive. I highly recommend this place and it definitely should be on your restaurant lists to check out!

  • Food
  • Value
  • Atmosphere
  • Service

Halal Status

The Friends of Ours does not offer halal meats. Vegetarian options are available. 

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Tel: 020 7686 5525
Website: www.friendsofourscafe.com/
Instagram: @thefriendsofours

Nearest station: Old Street

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Friends of Ours Restaurant Review
Friends of Ours Restaurant Review

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