Situated down Gloucester Road, Guillam Coffee House is a one gem of a coffee shop around South Kensington.

They pride themselves as being the “neighbourhood living room”, offering a comfortable and cosy space for people to meet up, chill or plug-in a laptop to work. Well, they definitely achieved that effect. Walking in, I was greeted with a bright and well-lit interior, as well as friendly smiles and delicious pastries on display. There are some stools along the wall if you’re looking to pop in just for a quick coffee. If you step further in, there is a pretty spacious seating area with small tables dotted across, plus a courtyard and garden at the back as well. It truly has a really cosy and chilled environment, and no wonder I find so many people bringing their laptops or books with them there.

Pistachio Croissant

What first brought my attention to Guillam Coffee House is the Pistachio Croissants. They are nicely dusted with icing sugar on top with a sprinkle of crumbled pistachios. Then on the inside, it is filled with a generous amount of pistachio cream.

The croissant itself was well-layered, light and airy on the inside. Though I felt it was lacking just that extra crisp on the outside in my opinion. It wasn’t as fresh as I hoped but a good one nonetheless. The pistachio cream was a delight, featuring a light and delicate flavour with hints of vanilla fragrance seeping through.

Chai Bun

Then I also ordered the Chai Bun, which caught my eye from the pastry display. It’s neatly twisted into a knotted bun, with a simple glaze over it.

In terms of flavours, the spices were punchier than I expected, which was a nice surprise. Though I personally would like a tiny bit more sugary touch to blend with it. It kind of reminded me of Fabiruqe Bakery’s cardamom buns. Texture-wise, it wasn’t as fluffy as I would’ve liked.


Cup of Latte at Guillam Coffee House

Before I start on talking about the cofee…how adorable is that little wooden coaster?! Together with the ceramic and latte art, it creates such a pleasant aesthetic, don’t you think?

Anyway, Guillam Coffee House boasts themselves on offering top quality coffees that are sourced all over the world. My latte came with a deeper colour than what I normally see, also offering a really strong hit upon the first sip. It’s really smooth to taste and quite remarkably silky. Halfway through, I could feel a tingle of nutty and cinnamon touch to it, with a subtle sweet aftertaste to it. I might not be a huge expert on coffee tasting but it was certainly been an interesting experience for me.

In summary…

…Guillam Coffee House is quite a neighbourhood gem and I really liked it! What really won me over is certainly its ambience and setting. The pastries were decent and the coffee isn’t too shabby too which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Have you been to Guillam Coffee House? Let me know your thoughts!

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  • Value
  • Atmosphere
  • Service

Instagram: @guillamcoffeehouse

Nearest station : Gloucester Road

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Guillam Coffee House Review
Guillam Coffee House Review

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