Camden has always been amazing but now it is even more exciting with KERB taking up residency and offering such a huge variety of food and cuisine. It’s a food heaven there for foodies and I can literally just stay there all day every day trying out everything at all these stalls.

I’ve had Soft Shelled Crab Burger and Hallouimi Fries there before and now I came across Ink Squid Bar. As suggested in the name, they sell squid – Sichuaneze fried salt & pepper squid to be precise.

Their food has actually been featured quite a lot on social media particularly because of their colorful dollops of mayo that’s served with the squid. The flavours they’ve got for their mayo are Wild Garlic, Miso, and Smoked Chilli. It’s ‘Instagram-worthy’ because the mayos aren’t just of the usual pale colour but of a pretty, vibrant pastel colour due to the use of colouring from natural ingredients.

You can get either a regular portion for £6 that comes with 1 mayo of your choice or get a sharing one at £10 with all 3 mayo flavours included. I got myself a regular portion and picked the Smoked Chilli mayo.

The dish smelled incredibly alluring when served. The aroma mostly came from the sesame oil and of course that naughtly deep-fried batter fragrance. The colour of the fried squid was beautiful and they topped it off with more colours by adding sliced red chillies, spring onions and parsley on the plate. You can also see that vibrant orange colour dollop of mayo in a cute shape on the side as well as a small wedge of lime. It is all in all a pretty stunning visual to admire on a plate.

I walked to the side and started eating. First of all it surprised me of how ‘Asian’ it tasted. That deep fried salt & pepper batter coated over the squid tasted very close to home. With those chillies, spring onions and parsley, it really highlighted an Asian flavour. I know it says Sichuaneze so I should have expected it but I honestly didn’t expect it to achieve a standard this close.

I loved the light crisp from the batter, which isn’t too thick that overpowers that seafood. Absolutely loved the hints of spice in it that added such an exciting kick of flavours. The squid wasn’t overcooked and has a lovely texture. It was squidgy and soft, which is the right texture to look for. It was so tasty that I didn’t even dip the squid into the mayo much. The mayo does have a subtle hint of chilli and was a nice complement to the squid. Everything was pretty much on point and it certainly is a dish that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

This was a lovely surprise for me from the food and from the subtle reminder for a taste of home. The food tasted awesome and was of a decent portion – there’s nothing to not like about it. I’ve always loved seafood and they made it with such an Asian touch as well which is an absolute bonus. All in all, thank you Kerb for bringing such awesomeness into the food scene of London and I can’t wait to see London’s street food scene keep growing under Kerb!

My Rating: 4/5

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