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MEDZ Corner is a halal food galore where we discovered our new favourite halal pizza spot, Adora Pizza. Deciding to go for something different one day, we tried out Kensu Kitchen and we may have just found ourselves yet another new favourite spot for a quick Japanese fix!

Kensu Kitchen: affordable quality Japanese food

Kensu Kitchen is essentially a rebrand (and relocation) of Ichiro London. Founded by ex-chef at high profile restaurants such as Nobu and Sushi Samba, Kensu Kitchen is here with the goal to bring high-quality sushi and Japanese food to Londoners in a more affordable manner. Its menu offers an extensive range of dishes including sushi, sashimi, nigiri, tempura, classic Japanese snacks & starters, rice bowls, bento boxes, and their own unique creation of sushi tacos which includes fried gyoza skin as the ‘taco shell’ filled with fish of your choice.

The Food: what we ordered

All meats served are halal at Kensu Kitchen & Sushi Bar. An overall rating is available at the bottom of this post. Here is what we ordered:

Beef Teriyaki Rice Bowl (£24)

Beef Teriyaki Rice Bowl at Kensu Kitchen

I was really fancying some beef that day so went with the beef teriyaki rice bowl. Expecting it just going to be thin beef slices, I was surprised when the staff asked how I wanted my beef cooked. So I went with medium-rare and was very delighted to find the beef teriyaki comes in the form of a quality steak!

We’ve had this on two occasions now. The first time the meat was simply ace. Perfectly cooked medium-rare, tender, and topped with this gorgeous teriyaki glaze. I especially enjoyed the little ultra-thinly sliced scallions that added a very light crisp to your bite. The portion size was pretty decent too and the generous amount of rice is set to fill you up. On our second try for the same dish, the meat was slightly tougher but the flavours remain as delightful.

Chicken Katsu Curry (£12)

Chicken Katsu Curry at Kensu Kitchen

We’ve been loving katsu curries lately and, so far, Kensu Kitchen’s has really hit the spot! The chicken katsu was fried to crispy perfection and the meat was so tender. The curry was served in a separate bowl so you can control how much sauce you want. There’s a good blend of savoury and sweetness, featuring subtle tingles of spices. Overall, the flavours are very well-balanced and we are definitely coming back for more of this!

Food Review Summary

Summing up, Kensu Kitchen is a fabulous addition to the London market and, if you can’t tell, we’re quite stoked about it. It’s great to see a halal-friendly affordable but quality Japanese eatery popping up, and at a fairly central location too. If you happen to be around High Street Kensington, do pop by MEDZ Corner and check out Kensu Kitchen!

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Halal Status

All meats served are halal at Kensu Kitchen

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Nearest station: High Street Kensington

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