Squid Ink Tortelloni with Crab Filling at La Tua Pasta, Borough Market

La Tua Pasta is a family-run business that offers artisan fresh pasta since 2006. They are also a supplier to many restaurants, hotels and caterers in the city. And they also have a stall at the Borough Market where you can buy their pre-packed fresh pasta, as well as cooked ones ready to feed the public!

Borough Market is busy all the time, so it’s not surprising to see a queue by La Tua Pasta‘s stall over the lunch hour. The queue moves quickly though. The menu is very straightforward – you first choose your choice of pasta and then pick your sauce/topping. Simply order at the cashier, get your number and wait to be called. There aren’t any seats within the stall. It’s more for a quick lunch takeaway spot.

On the side shelves, you also get to purchase their pre-packed fresh pasta. These pasta packages include the likes of gnocchi, ravioli, tortellini, tagliatelle, etc. They are reasonably priced and you can bring home the same pasta that many restaurants & hotels use!

Tortelloni Crab (£7.90)

Here I chose the Tortelloni Crab, which uses fresh crab meat enveloped in squid ink pasta dough. The toppings that are free include extra virgin olive oil and grated cheese. Of course there are other toppings and sauces like pesto, pomodoro, bolognaise, etc. However they will be at extra cost.

If it’s good quality pasta, you don’t actually need much toppings. Since the tortelloni already has a crab filling, I decided to keep it extra simple. I opted for the complimentary olive oil and cheese, then sprinkled some chilli flakes  (and extra cheese) at their side counter.

The pasta has such a delightful and fresh taste of the sea from the crab filling. It was the right choice to keep the toppings simple as the original flavours really get to shine. The pasta was thin and al dente, with a proportionate amount of filling stuffed in it. It was all in all a very delightful bowl of pasta that I couldn’t seem to get enough.

If you’re around Borough Market, I definitely recommend popping by La Tua Pasta. Whether it be for the cooked pasta or their freshly packaged pasta, it’s certainly worth it.

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Halal Status

No halal meats available. Plenty vegetarian and seafood options available.

Nearest station: London Bridge

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