Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse

*Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse has closed down*

A little while ago, we went to Westfield Stratford to find the fluffiest pancakes in the city. After visiting Fuwa Fuwa’s pop up, we popped over to Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse for dinner. The name Levi Roots may be familiar to your ears as it’s the very Levi Roots that you see on jerk seasoning bottles.

It was a Friday evening and the restaurant was packed. Seeing all that popularity, we had pretty high expectations. Even though it’s really busy inside, the staff remained upbeat and attentive. The energy and vibes of the restaurant was simply buzzing.

Bajan Fishcakes (£5.90)

The fishcakes visually looked more like croquettes in my opinion. The exterior had a very nice crispy touch while the inside had been packed with flavours. The fishcakes are made with salt fish, scallions, scotch bonnets. As a result, it carries a very nice savoury flavour with a kick of spice.

Creamy Jerk Mushroom (£4.90)

In this Creamy Jerk Mushroom dish, it involves jerk spiced mushroom with thyme, scallions, garlic & cream. We were anticipated some striking and piquant flavours. However, we thought it was mediocre and nothing special. The creamy sauce has a subtle touch of spice but the jerk seasoning part didn’t get much spotlight. It was nice in overall but just nothing striking.

Boneless Reggae Reggae Chicken Sharing Platter (£20)

We decided to order a platter to share. Chicken breast, thighs & pulled chicken. You get to choose your own sauce and we picked the medium-spiced Levi’s BBQ Reggae glaze. I must say that BBQ sauce was spicier than expected! Spice isn’t the issue but there isn’t any depth of flavours in the hotness. It wasn’t an enjoyable spice.

As for the chicken themselves, they were mediocre. We felt they weren’t marinated well enough and weren’t juicy or succulent as anticipated. Especially with the chicken breast, underneath all that spicy bbq sauce was some rather bland meat.

The pulled chicken has an interesting texture. It’s almost as if it’s dried shredded chicken. I thought it’s quite interesting but my friend wasn’t a fan of it at all.

Curry Goat (£13)

The Curry Goat is served with rice of your choice & plain roti. We picked rice & peas (of course) and also upgraded to Chilli Roti by adding an extra £1.

The curry has a decent hit of spice in it. Preferably, we would have liked the goat to be cooked more tender. It has a nice savoury touch but seemed to lack depth in flavour.

Sweet Potato Fries, Chilli Roti, Rice & Peas

The sweet potato fries were really nice. They were crispy and well seasoned. Rice & peas was okay – tasty but not wowing. As for the chilli roti, we thought it was a bit oily.

All in all, we felt rather underwhelmed by Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse. The food in overall was a let down. Majority of the dishes weren’t anything special and the chicken was quite shockingly bad. The restaurant vibe was good and service was decent, but the food just wasn’t up to par.

  • Food
  • Value
  • Atmosphere
  • Service

Halal Status

All meat is halal except beef ribs

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Tel: 020 3841 6897
Website: caribbeansmokehouse.com/

Nearest station: Stratford

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