Little Kolkata Supper Club – Machli

Back in summer, I enjoyed a supper club feast from Little Kolkata – Bengali Bengali. After a very successful first supper club, Prabir and Bishu continue to spread their love of food and have recently organised their third supper club – Little Kolkata, Machli.

It was actually held on the snowy weekend. Despite the cold, we braced the snowy weather to attend the supper club. It couldn’t get more comforting than being in this cozy space and being fed with lots of hearty food. Let’s get started on the food!


Papad Behlpun

To start with the meal, we were served with Papad Behlpun. It was a great starter to stimulate one’s appetite. It’s really crispy and carries an incredibly tangy flavour. I absolutely enjoyed the crunchy texture, as well as that refreshing sweet & tangy flavour.

Maacher Cutlet (Cod Fish Cutlet)

This is our favourite of the whole meal. We loved it so much we asked for seconds! These cutlets were just so perfectly crispy on the outside – there wasn’t a single soggy bite. The inside of the cutlet was warm and hearty. The best part though, ought to be the melted cheese at the centre.

Prabir, founder of Little Kolkata, explained how it was cooked at a low heat to ensure the cheese melts and achieve this lusciously oozing effect. The cutlets were flawless, there isn’t a thing that we weren’t a fan of. The only thing we weren’t so into is the mustard sauce that’s served alongside the cutlets. We thought the mustard was rather overpowering. The cutlets alone already have great flavours and we didn’t really need the extra sauce.

Main Dishes

Luchi with Moshla Aloo Dumm

The Aloo Dumm is pretty much similar to the one I tried at the last supper club. Except for this time it seemed to have a subtle mustard touch and less spicy. I enjoyed the texture of the potatoes but the other half preferred it to be softer and mushier. The best part, as per last time, was the luchi. The luchi this time round seemed to be even better! So beautifully puffed and fresh, we asked for more and again wiped the dish clean.

Shorshe Maach & Bashmoti Bhaat (Mustard Fish with Wild Basmati Rice)

I absolutely love fish so was super excited when I see all those massive meaty pieces of fish in the dish when served. Initially, I worry myself not liking the mustard flavours. But to my delight, it wasn’t too overwhelming at all. Very saucy, very fragrant, the dish was an absolute delight.

The wild rice was an amazing complement to the dish too. I’ve always enjoyed wild rice, and Little Kolkata has buttered it up to make it even more alluring.

Kosha Mangsho & Gheer Porota

Kosha Mangsho is a classic comfort food in a Bengali household. It involves slow-cooked goat that’s been cooked for hours. In Little Kolkata’s version, Prabir has adopted his great grandmother’s recipe and has served it with parathas that’s tossed in clarified butter.

The dish was certainly really rich and with a heavy taste. The flavours weren’t particularly sharp in this one and I feel the meat can get even more tender and melty. Nevertheless, I liked the rusticity of the dish.

The Gheer Porota though, that was addictive. It’s so buttery and comforting. We wanted to order seconds again but our bellies were telling us otherwise by that time.


Rosho Malai & Gureer Sandesh

The Rosho Malai is basically Indian cottage cheese dipped in saffron milk and dried fruits. First of all, I really adored the saffron milk. The flavours were so delicate. Then there were chunks of cheese that’s soaked in the milk

As for the Gureer Sandesh, it is baked cheese with date palm jaggery. I have never had anything like that before and thought it was an extremely interesting and delightful treat. The baked cheese has a dense cakey feel and it melts in your mouth. It’s a small bite but it was a rich one.


All in all, well done again to Little Kolkata for another successful supper club. It has definitely improved from last time and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I really forward to seeing more of what Little Kolkata has in store!


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