Liverpool: Archie’s Burger & Shake

On my visit to Liverpool, as per you guys’ suggestion, I’ve gone to check out the halal burger spot, Archie’s Burger & Shake.

Archie’s is founded by four brothers. The story behind the name came from a 1988 classic movie, “License to Drive”, where Archie’s was the place where all the cool kids hang out. Subsequently, the four brothers decided to bring Archie’s to life and ended up with Archie’s Burger & Shake. They started out in Manchester, and later expanded into Liverpool, Leeds, and Birmingham.

The Liverpool branch is conveniently located just by the Liverpool Central Station and can be easily spotted with its sharp charming pink colour theme.

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We were greeted by this super bubbly girl introducing us to everything on the menu. The menu is pretty extensive, covering all sorts of burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, waffles (sweet ones as well as Fried Chicken Waffles), different types of fries and of course a variety of milkshakes and drinks. Anyway, at this extremely indecisive moment, this lovely staff kept on emphasising about the Phat Burger. She was so hyped up about it and so we eventually took up the ‘challenge’ for it.

Here’s what we tried out:

Phat Burger

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The Phat Burger consisted of a beef patty, crispy fried chicken, maple glazed turkey bacon, grilled egg, crispy onions, lettuce, tomato and barbecue sauce. Size-wise, it wasn’t particularly huge, or not to the extent the way the staff was hyping about. Visually, it looked a bit messy, but it’s the flavour that counts.

The fried chicken was nice and crispy with a delicious kick of spice. The beef patty, however, was a bit dry in my opinion. The turkey bacon complemented the chicken while the egg complimented the beef. Personally, I felt that’s a bit too much going on all at once and was slightly distracting.

It’s an okay and decent burger in overall, though it’s rather messy to eat with so much sauces in the burger.

The Bacon Cheese Burger


The Bacon Cheese Burger was made of charbroiled beef patty, turkey bacon stripes, melted American cheese, iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato, red onions, and BBQ sauce on toasted sesame seed burger buns.

It was reasonably saucy, though the beef patty itself

The Average Joe Burger

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The Average Joe Burger was made of a charbroiled beef patty with American cheese and relish on a toasted burger bun. I felt this one was rather mediocre. Similar to the Phat Burger, I find the beef patty rather dry and relatively bland to taste.

Hot Cheese Crinkle Fries

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For sides we ordered the Hot Cheese Crinkle Fries. Crinkle fries are never my first choice of fries to choose from as I have always find them rather soggy. However, these ones at Archies’ has changed my impression about it.

These crinkle fries had a very nice subtle crisp on the outside and carried a fluffy texture on the inside. I also enjoyed the cheese sauce as well, much to my own surprise, as it was nicely seasoned with a kick of spice and not overly rich where it could get rather sickening.

The Naughty Nas Milkshake

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This place is after all a burger & shake place so it would only make sense if we also get some milkshakes. Many of their milkshakes are named after celebrities like Pia Mia, Amir Khan, Ne-Yo and even Bieber. Anyway, I ordered The Naughty Nas milkshake, which consisted of crunchie, oreos, whipped cream and crushed oreos.

The milkshake was very creamy and satisfying. To be fair, it tasted just like a normal Oreo Shake – nothing particularly special but it certainly did the job. I personally find it a bit too sweet towards the bottom of the shake and it somewhat left me a huge pang of guilt as I finished the whole thing.

In summary…

Archie’s is an okay spot for a quick cheap fast food stop. It’s no gourmet burger but the Hot Cheese Crinkle Fries and Milk Shakes were decent. I enjoyed more of its setting as the place was very bright and spacious, with a slightly eccentric touch. It’s not a bad spot to hang around to kill time with a nibble but I’m just not crazy about the food on its own.

  • Food
  • Value

Halal Status

Everything is halal at Archie’s.

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