Halal Brunch Spots in Central London

As socialising is being allowed again, what better way to catch up with friends than having weekend brunch! Brunch ought to be my most favourite meal of the day. I mean, what’s not to love when you can get the best of two meals in one sitting?! Whether you’re more of a savoury person or with a sweet tooth, brunch always got you covered. Need some brunch inspiration around town? Here is a list of halal brunch spots around central(-ish) London for your next brunch catch up. Let me know which one’s your favourite!


Brunch at Popina London
Photo credits to Popina

Searching for a quality halal fry-up? Popina is one to be on your list to check out.

Popina is an award-winning artisan bakery and cafe-deli in Mayfair. As you might expect from the area, it’s going to be on the pricier end for a classic English fry up (with halal beef bacon and beef sausages), but rest assured it’s going to be a worthwhile treat. Apart from the fry-up, they also offer a terrific green shakshuka with raclette cheese melt, eggs benedict (with halal beef bacon), brioche french toast, Turkish eggs, etc.

Popina offers a partially halal menu. Halal options are clearly marked on their menu.

Location: Mayfair
Instagram: popinaldn
Website: http://www.popina.co.uk/

Smoke Daddies

Photo credits to Smoke Daddies

Smoke Daddies have been winning hearts and bellies in the Balham area with their smoked barbecue meats. And they’re expanding their offerings now by launching a brand new brunch menu, serving the likes of steak & egg, shakshuka, pancakes, their own version of fry-up breakfast, and many more. That’s certainly some exciting news for Balham locals!

All meats served are halal at Smoke Daddies.

Location: Balham
Instagram: thesmokedaddies
Website: https://www.thesmokedaddies.com/

The Terrace by L’Opera

Brunch at L'Opera Cafe
Photo credits to The Terrace by L’Opera

L’Opera has gone through some renovation work and recently reopened with a fancy insta-friendly interior that makes it the top of everyone’s brunch list. It’s not just about pretty decor, but they also offer a great selection of brunch dishes ranging from Crushed Avocado with Sourdough, Lotus Biscoff French Toast, Sujuk, Loaded Croissants, etc. If you have a sweet tooth, they have plenty of cakes for you to choose from, including the very popular Saffron Milk Cake!

Everything is halal at The Terrace by L’Opera.

Location: Knightsbridge
Instagram: loperacafe
Website: http://www.lopera.co.uk/


Arabica Fry-Up at Arabica
Photo credits to Arabica

The Arabica fry-up is not quite your usual fry-up but a modern Middle Eastern take on the classic brunch dish. Its house-cured lamb bacon, beef sujuk, and Za’atar bread give a very refreshing touch on the brunch classic. You can also switch up your usual coffee with a cup of Turkish Coffee (comes with Turkish delight) to wash down all that delicious food!

All meats, except for the chicken, are halal.

Location: King’s Cross/London Bridge
Instagram: arabicalondon
Website: https://www.arabicalondon.com/


Brunch at Palaette
Photo credits to Palaette

Bringing a burst of colours into Hackney, Palaette is one of the new hot brunch spots to watch out for. Featuring white marble tabletops, a terrace with blankets and a cute interior in general, the restaurant is an Instagram-hit and got the food to live up to the hype as well. The menu features all-day brunch dishes, burgers, special coffees, and even mocktails.

All meats served are halal at Palaette.

Location: Hackney
Instagram: palaettelondon


Colombian Fry-Up at Guanabana
Photo credits to Guanabana

Looking for halal brunch with a twist? Look no further than Guanabana’s Latin and Caribbean take on classic brunch dishes. The rustic wooden cafe serves up an eclectic brunch menu, featuring the likes of Colombian fry-up, Havana Eggs, Dirty Rice, Steak & Eggs with Jerk Gravy, Pancakes with exotic topping options, and many more. Don’t forget to pair with a refreshing glass of Mojito Mocktail, their own Guanabana Shake, or try out the Mango Nada, which a smoothie made of lime and chilli mango.

Everything is halal at Guanabana.

Location: Kentish Town
Instagram: guanabana_restaurant
Website: https://www.guanabanarestaurant.com/


This is officially the cue for Eggslut to move aside as Eggoland is the real deal! Founded by Afghan refugee and professional boxer, Sohail Ahmed, has launched this egg-specialist restaurant, essentially with the goal of cooking eggs just the right way. Having tried their ‘Staple’ sandwich, it was sheer perfection in every aspect. Plenty of options are available on the menu – something for vegan and vegetarians, meat lovers, and those who fancy something a little more luxurious such as duck confit, etc.

All meats served are halal at Eggoland.

Location: Goodge Street
Instagram: eggoland.london
Website: https://www.eggoland.co.uk/

Read full review here


Brunch at Lumi Camden
Photo credits to Lumi

Lumi, meaning “light of life” in Latin, is a new brunch spot on Camden High Street to “illuminate your senses” with their unique gallery lounge and delicious dishes. Their menu features not only brunch classics (e.g. Shakshuka, Turkish Eggs, Eggs Royale, etc.), but also some more unique creations like Creole Chicken Waffle, Mediterranean Breeze, French Toast with Orange & Ginger Mascarpone, and more. Plenty of vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes are on the menu as well.

All meats, except any dishes involving pork, are halal.

Location: Camden
Instagram: lumicamden
Website: https://www.lumilondon.co.uk/


Photo credits to Haya

Specialising in Mediterranean cuisine with a Tel Aviv influence, Haya is an ideal brunch pick if you’re around the Nottinghill area. Their Shakshuka is, unsurprisingly, a popular hit and comes with a number of options to choose from. Haya’s brunch menu also offers some unique pancake options that come with savoury toppings such as salmon, harissa chicken, or vegetables – don’t knock it till you try it.

All meats served are halal at Haya.

Location: Nottinghill
Instagram: haya.ldn
Website: https://haya.london/


Brunch at Drunch
Photo credits to Drunch

Drunch has two branches across London – one in Mayfair, the other in a more residential area around Regents Park. Both branches feature a stylish but laidback interior and serve a great selection of halal brunch dishes daily. Expect a range of classic brunch dishes on the menu, as well as sweet & dessert dishes for those with a sweet tooth. In addition, both branches also house an evening shisha garden and offer high-calibre shishas.

All meats served are halal at Drunch (both branches). Alcohol is served at the restaurant.

Location: Mayfair/Regents Park
Instagram: drunch
Website: http://drunch.co.uk/


Chocolate French Toast from Christophers Covent Garden
Photo credits to Christophers

Whenever anyone mentions Christophers, their epic French Toast immediately comes to mind. The Chocolate Brioche French Toast is no doubt the restaurant’s most popular dish on their brunch menu and a staple of the restaurant. If you fancy something savoury, their steak and eggs are halal, as well as plenty of vegetarian-friendly options. Alternatively, you can pre-order halal meat 72 hours in advance for other meat dishes.

Location: Covent Garden
Instagram: christopherswc2
Website: http://www.christophersgrill.com/

Apple Blue Patisserie

Brunch at Apple Blue Patisserie
Photo credits to Apple Blue Patisserie

Apple Blue Patisserie has been winning hearts from the Balham locals. From beautiful pastries & cakes to hearty brunch classics, they have it all. The brunch menu features some innovative creations such as the Dutch Baby & Fried Chicken, Shawarma Rama, Channa Shakshuka, etc. as well as classics like Kedgeree, Avocado Toast, and so on.

Everything is halal at Apple Blue Patisserie.

Location: Balham
Instagram: theapplebluebalham
Website: https://theappleblue.com/

Grounded Coffee Co.

Brunch at Grounded Coffee Co
Photo credits to Grounded Coffee Co

If you don’t already know, Grounded Coffee Co is a long-standing popular halal breakfast & brunch spot in the Aldgate/Whitechapel area. You can find all the breakfast/brunch classics on their menu, as well as the likes of omelettes, pancakes & french toasts, granola & museli, smoothies, etc. Its laidback neighbourhood cafe atmostphere makes it a nice spot for a casual brunch catch up. Although, personally, we do find it a little hit & miss sometimes!

Dolci Cafe

Photo credits to Dolci Cafe

Flower walls, giant pink teddy bear, plus all the breakfast & brunch classics, Dolci Cafe has got it all for the perfect girly brunch catch up. There are plenty of classics on the menu to choose from, with a great selection of coffees and even colourful creations such as Iced Ocean Latte, Iced Rose Latte, Iced Pistachio Latte, etc. to pair with. In addition, they also specialise in signature fresh juices and smoothies. If you’re looking for more of a sweet treat, there is also a dedicated waffles & crepes menu.

All meats served are halal at Dolci Cafe.

Location: Earl’s Court
Instagram: dolcilondon
Website: https://dolcicafe.co.uk/


Filipino Silogs at Bintang Restaurant
Photo credits to Bintang

Here’s another one from the Maginhawa Group, i.e. the people behind Guanabana mentioned above, as well as other renowned establishments across London like Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream, Panadera Bakery, etc. At Bintang, you get to enjoy a taste of the Philippines through their extensive menu. For brunch options, they have an all-day Filipino breakfast skillet section, a.k.a Silogs. These skillets are loaded with garlic fried rice, fried egg, pickled vegetables, cherry tomatoes, and meat of your choice.

All meats served are halal at Bintang.

Location: Camden
Instagram: bintang_restaurant
Website: https://www.bintangrestaurant.co.uk/

Blue Ivy Cafe

Photo credits to Blue Ivy Cafe

Just newly opened near Victoria Park, Blue Ivy Cafe is one to keep an eye out for. Its pastel pink interior and flower wall are enough to draw attention for Instagrammers, but they also boast a lovely canal view from their outdoors garden as well! Food-wise, you can expect classics such as Halal Full English Breakfast, Egg Royale, Shakshuka, etc. as well as American Pancakes topped with halal turkey bacon, fried egg, and maple syrup.

Halal items are clearly marked on their menu.

Location: Hackney
Instagram: blueivycafe
Website: http://www.bluivycafe.co.uk/

The Blues Kitchen

Photo credits to The Blues Kitchen

If you fancy some comforting American soul food for brunch, check out The Blues Kitchen. Enjoy the likes of buffalo wings or sandwich burger, beef short rib, mac & cheese, crab cake benedict (though we say Eggbreak is better!), and do not miss out on their signature deep-fried Oreo Doughnuts! Oreos enveloped in dough & buttermilk batter, deep-fried till crispy and golden, and comes with a luscious side of caramel for you to dunk and dip. These alone make enough reason to visit!

Chicken & beef (double-check) are halal at The Blues Kitchen.

Location: Shoreditch
Instagram: theblueskitchen

Other of our favourite brunch spots:

The below restaurants do not serve halal meats but have pescatarian & vegetarian options available.

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London Halal Brunch Spots

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