London Halal Food Festival 2017

Blessed with glorious weather over the weekend on 19th & 20th August, the London Halal Food Festival has been another success this year. Considered as Europe’s largest halal food festival, the annual event brings together over 100 international food & drink stalls and attracts over 18,000 visitors to the Tobacco Docks.

As we arrived at the venue, we were welcomed by the smell of barbecues and the buzzing vibe of the event. With London being such a great halal food hub, the London Halal Food Festival is here to celebrate how far the halal economy has moved forward in the Food & Restaurant industries.

London Halal Food Festival

What to expect at London Halal Food Festival:

  • Your favourite street food stalls or restaurants setting up a stall there
  • Halal lifestyle products, not just limited to food
  • Cooking shows by MasterChef winners / celebrity chefs
  • Music performances

Our favourite food line-ups:

It’s such a fun, inspiring, entertaining, and delicious day and I’m already excited to see what they’ve got in store for next year!

Mother Clucker

Fried Chicken Strips by Mother Clucker at the London Halal Food Festival

You know it from before that I’m absolutely obsessed with Mother Clucker’s fried chicken strips. Their tea-brined, buttermilk-soaked and twice battered chicken strips are simply exquisite to the palate and second to none. With a gorgeously crispy crunch on the outside and a soft juicy tender flesh on the inside – you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one.

Where to find them: Old Truman Brewery, Bricklane / KERB Camden


Bombay Chow

Bombay Chow is basically a marriage between Calcutta Indian and Chinese Hakka cuisine. Their restaurant at Hammersmith offers a range of classic Indo-Chinese dishes such as hot & sour soup, chop suey, etc. One of their most popular dishes, and highly featured here at the London Halal Food Festival, is the Chicken Lollipops. Not only do they visually look tremendous, they were also packed with a good punch of flavours and juicy to taste.

Where to find them: 220 King Street Hammersmith W6 ORA



Hot summer days call for chilled milkshakes. Chocolateeha introduces her luscious chocolate brownie milkshake, which is specially created for the event. While it may seem quite heavy with all the toppings, it’s actually delightfully light to taste. With that being said, it didn’t give you as much guilt as it should’ve…a dangerous thing in my opinion but we don’t care!

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Meat & Shake

Smoked Beef Brisket by Meat & Shake at the London Halal Food Festival

Meat & Shake is a halal Southern American barbecue restaurant in Tooting, best known for its smoked beef brisket.

Seeing that massive brisket that’s smoked to perfection and its juices oozing out, it’s just impossible to resist to grab one. The sweet smoky crust was impeccable and that tender juicy meat enveloped underneath was a banger. Simply bravo!

Where to find them: 47 Upper Tooting Rd, London SW17 7TR


Ojos Food

Cured meats are such a world-recognized Spanish & Italian delicacy. It’s unfortunate that they usually involve pork. But Ojos Food is now introducing this delicacy to the Muslim market.

Those Spanish cured meats were another addictive nibble that we couldn’t resist. The cured beef especially carried an umami flavour that makes you wanting for more. No wonder it’s held several national and international prestigious food awards – totally well-deserved!



Popping champagnes halal style! We met one of their promoters when we first arrived at the event and we were very curious about what these halal champagnes are. We found them near the cookery theatre and had a couple of samples. Our verdict? We loved it! It’s like a fizzy drink with a beautiful fruity fragrance. They are packaged like real champagnes and look so presentable for special events and dinner parties.

They may not be widely sold at mainstream supermarkets at the moment but you can purchase them online!


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