Fried chicken is totally a guilty pleasure of mine. But it has to be good fried chicken. A greasy down-the-road chicken shop or KFC wouldn’t quite do the magic (anymore). Thankfully though, London has got a couple of amazing options around town and its bar continues to be raised higher and higher over the years. My newest obsession is Los Pollos Bravos, a new “virtual kitchen” in west London priding itself with serving some of the juiciest fried chicken in the city.

By “virtual kitchen”, we mean delivery kitchens. They are based near South Kensington and you can find Los Pollos Bravos on Deliveroo. Their secret is to brine and cook their chicken sous vide, which maximises its juiciness, and then coating in buttermilk and their secret blend of 12 herbs and spices to fry them into irresistible crispiness. Its menu features various flavour combos that are inspired by flavours around the world, featuring both elevated classics and innovative combos.

Chicken is halal at Los Pollos Bravos and is handled separately without cross-contamination from any non-halal items.

*This was a gifted food delivery from Los Pollos Bravos. All views are my own.

The Richard & Mortimer Burger

Fried Chicken Burger from Los Pollos Bravos

A little Pan-Asian twist is key to grab my attention and this Richard & Mortimer Burger has immediately caught my attention off their menu. It consisted of a juicy piece of fried chicken thigh, peanut satay slaw, ginger & spring onion oil, miso & Szechuan sauce, mayonnaise, and brioche burger buns.

If you can’t tell from the image above, the chicken was fried to crispy crunchy perfection. Mind you that this fried chicken burger sat through a 25-minute delivery journey (plus 10 minutes of me snapping pics of it), and it still came out crispy.

This fried chicken burger is certainly a winner. There was a great punch of flavours, creating quite a flavour party to the palate and oozing of umami. All the components blended incredibly well with one another, each distinct on their own but forms a harmonious blend that links up all the flavours to create that winning punch. All in all, I absolutely loved the burger and would totally recommend it!

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries from Los Pollos Bravos

To go with the burger, I had the sweet potato fries. I must say that these fries were terrific! I do wonder what their “secret salt” is as it really elevated the flavours. It got a light crisp on the outside and was simply an addictive munch. I even reheated some in the air fryer and they turned out even better.

In summary…

All in all, I would totally recommend Los Pollos Bravos if you’re based in west London. Not only does it offer quality fried chicken, but it delivers outstanding flavours as well. There are plenty of extra sauces you can order from their menu too to add all that extra oomph to your food. In other words, just go for it!

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Halal Status

Chicken is halal at Los Pollos Bravos.

Tel: 07458 318959
Instagram: @lospollosbravos

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