*Lucknow49 has now closed down*

There was DUM Biryani in Soho, then there is Lucknow49 in Mayfair. Lucknow 49 is chef Dhruv Mittal’s newest restaurant venture, specialising in North Indian Awadhi cuisine – a cuisine specifically native to the city of Lucknow. Despite being located in the expensive Mayfair, it aims to be an affordable and casual Indian restaurant.

Stepping inside the restaurant, I immediately really liked the place. The interiors have a very cosy vibe, with colourful patterned wallpaper and plush cushions scattered across their bench seats. It was certainly a lovely contrast to all the high-end places around the area.

Lucknow49 interior

We booked for dinner at 6.30 pm on a Friday evening. When we arrived, we’re literally the only ones at the restaurant. But soon after, more and more people started to come through and the restaurant ended up being full-house for the evening.

The menu was relatively simple – it’s got just enough options to keep you intrigued but not too many to confuse you. It’s got a couple of starters options, curries, and of course biryanis. Chicken and lamb dishes are halal.

Gosht Lamb Seekh Kawab (£9.50)

Lucknow49 Lamb Seekh Kawab

I’ve always loved a good kofta kebab. These were pretty juicy and extremely flavourful. I find the spices punchier than usual. It’s almost like these flavours did a little dance on my palate. The only thing to pick on is that the lamb meat itself didn’t stand out as much against the strong spices.

Gosht Barrah Lamb Chops (£16)

Lucknow49 Lamb Chops

I think I found my most favourite lamb chops in London for now – and it’s these ones from Lucknow49! Not only was the meat juicy and tender, its spice rub on the outside carried some incredible flavours which made it stand out.

Its exterior crust carries a delicate char-grilled touch of flavours which I really enjoyed. There was the perfect ratio of fat as well and it was truly a star of the dinner.

Murgh Qorma (£14)

Lucknow49 Murgh Qorma Curry

Now Korma isn’t usually my go-to curry choice but we wanted to get a chicken dish so decided to order this Chicken Qorma. And I’m so glad we made this choice because this was good!

The chicken was incredibly soft and succulent. It also has a ridiculously smooth texture as well! Flavour-wise, it was pretty spot on. I normally find Korma curries rather sweet but this one has just that perfect savoury touch balancing it all.

We ordered some Kulcha (£4) as well, which were lusciously buttery and perfect to pair with the curry.

Awadhi Sabzi Biryani (£12)

A bowl of Biryani at Lucknow49

Having known Lucknow49 and Dum Biryani shares the same owner, I already had a general idea what to expect on the biryani (I even half-heartedly expected the biryanis to come in a pastry on top!). Well, the biryani did not come with a buttery pastry on top but served in a small copper bowl.

The biryani carries a very light fluffy texture. There was a subtle fragrance when it was served onto the table. However, I do feel like they could throw in a stronger touch of spices in there and a bit more sauce or moisture. Compared to the other dishes we’ve had, this one was a bit of a lacklustre one.

We would’ve gone for desserts as well but their menu didn’t seem to have much options. All in all, I’d definitely recommend giving Lucknow49 a visit if you’re around the area. It serves you quality food at fairly reasonable price for its kind. Moreover, the friendly and cozy vibe was definitely a huge draw in the area. Give them a try and let us know your thoughts!

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  • Atmosphere
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Halal Status

Chicken and lamb are halal

Tel: 020 7491 9191

Nearest station: Oxford Circus

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