Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream Westfield

The Maginhawa group has been absolutely on fire in 2021. First came Panadera Bakery at the beginning of the year, then Ramoramen Soho opened its doors, and now Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream Westfield is also open! Following the success of its first shop in Kentish Town, and even more success with its Chinatown launch, Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream is now stepping into west London with the opening of its third branch in Westfield Shepherds Bush.

There is an unmissable crowd gathered around the new stall as you step through Westfield from its main entrance (Shepherds Bush station side). I first walked past them on their opening weekend and the queue was looking rather impossible. Revisiting on weekdays are more bearable as the mall is a lot quieter and with seating available at Mamasons’ little waiting area.

What to Get at Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream Westfield

Everything is halal at Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream across all branches. Here are some of our favourites and what we got at the Westfield branch:

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Baklava Bilog (£6)

The Baklava Bilog made a special appearance at both their Chinatown & Kentish Town branches a while ago. If you’ve missed out (like me), worry not as this alluring flavour combo is now a permanent flavour at Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream Westfield! That’s why, without a hint of hesitation, this was the first thing I ordered from them.

The Baklava Bilog did not disappoint. Their signature Pandesal buns were a delight to munch on. It was naturally sweet in flavour and incredibly fluffy in texture. The baklava ice cream itself, in my opinion, wasn’t too special in flavour but I really enjoyed the nutty pistachio topping that added an extra layer of texture to the dessert. I haven’t had a bilog from Mamasons in general for a while. The last time I had it at their Kentish Town branch, I seem to remember a more contrasting hot and cold sensation, which was slightly missing from this one. Nevertheless, the baklava bilog was still a lovely treat all in all and I would certainly return to try out other flavours.

Halo-Halo (£6.50)

If you aren’t familiar, Halo-Halo is a very popular Filipino dessert, which is essentially shaved ice and mixed with various toppings. The Halo-Halo has always been a very popular hit since it’s launched on the menu. The various textures, in my opinion, is what makes it unique and special. It’s especially amazing for a refreshing summer treat!

Kape Kulay (£4)

Iced latte, but make it Filipino and Ube-tastic! Okay, enough of the puns. Very loosely translated, “Kape” means coffee, and “Kulay” means colour. What you can expect is a delicious iced latte with different colour layers. The Ube flavour is the original creation but they’ve also now included Milo and Black Buko as other flavour options.

I went with Ube, featuring that striking purple at the bottom of the cup, topped with milk and coffee. For coffee lovers, you’d be pleased to find that the coffee is very smooth and strong here. It’s not too sweet and gives you a really nice hit with a full-bodied flavour.

Doughnut (£3.5)

Last but not least, doughnuts. You can choose from Ube, Milo, or Leche Flan flavour – I went with the latter. The doughnut itself was nice and fluffy, with a lovely sugary coating that’s not oversweetened. Inside the doughnut, you’d find this creamy caramel custard filling. It’s smooth to taste, definitely not too sweet, but then seemed to be slightly lacking the caramel touch in my opinion. The little golden yolk flan on top was a delight on its own. Its texture resembled that of fudge and was rich to taste. Whilst not like the best of best doughnuts in town, it’s still a pretty good one!

In summary

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream Westfield is no doubt a terrific addition to the area. The Maginhawa group has been a great pioneer for bringing halal Filipino food (innovatively) to the market and it’s great to see them expanding into west London. I hope this would be the first of many additions from them on this side of London!

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Nearest station: Shepherds Bush

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