Home baking businesses and postal treats continue to emerge over the last year as online & delivery/postal business models have been proven successful in light of the current situation. Matcha Sundays is one of them, newly launched in 2020 and standing out from the crowd with their Japanese sweets offering.

Realising there is a real gap in the London market for quality Japanese treats, Ken and Bea, founds of Matcha Sundays, have decided to take matters into their own hands to make their own treats for a taste of home. The positive reviews from friends and families have eventually led to the birth of Matcha Sundays, starting with Sunday deliveries across nearby east London neighbourhoods and later expanding into London-wide postal deliveries during the week as well.

Their menu features a range of traditional Japanese treats such as Mochi Balls, Castella Cake, Cookies, Mochi Doughnuts, etc. In addition, there is also a weekly box where they offer a selection of special treats of the week. All their products are made fresh and all use natural ingredients with no additive or preservatives. The majority of their treats are gluten-free, vegetarian, and/or vegan friendly as well which are clearly stated on their website when ordering.

Matcha Mochi Doughnuts (x3) (£8.50)

As great as typical western doughnuts are, Mochi doughnuts definitely win my heart more. You get to pick your own flavours (chocolate/coffee/matcha) and your choice of icing. I went with matcha and matcha – you’ve got to pick matcha with a place that emphasises “matcha” in their name, right?

The matcha flavours were sitting right at home with these mochi doughnuts. They’ve got the perfect chewy texture, soft but not overly sticky at the same time. As mentioned, the matcha flavours fit beautifully with both the dough and icing. Balance and quality are key for matcha, and they’ve nailed both absolutely spot on.

The doughnuts hit you with a smooth and distinct taste of matcha, with just the right amount of sweetness to them. They also tasted cleaner and healthier than deep-fried western doughnuts. All in all, they were an exquisite treat to the palate and I’d highly recommend these mochi doughnuts!

Azuki Beans, Matcha, Sesame Oat Cookies (£3.60)

After consuming plenty of western cookies postal deliveries, these oat cookies were a welcomed change in my diet. The combination of matcha and azuki beans make a perfect pairing and is a classic for a reason. They worked very well here in the form of cookies, plus the addition of a sesame touch.

I personally wouldn’t mind them being a little sweeter in taste. These cookies are definitely more of a healthy munch rather than a cheeky indulgent cookie treat. I still really enjoyed them nonetheless, just don’t expect all the buttery-ness from the typical western cookies.

In summary

Matcha Sundays is no doubt one to watch out for. The quality speaks volume here and is one that truly reflects a taste of Japan and its meticulousness when it comes to food. I especially cannot recommend enough the mochi doughnuts!

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Tel: 07774 743121
Website: https://matchasundays.co.uk/

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Matcha Sundays Review

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