Melur “Malaysia In A Bite”

Melur is a halal Malaysian restaurant longstanding at Edgeware Road and has recently launched this concept of packing classic Malaysian flavours into little rice bites, available for delivery across London, named ‘Malaysia In A Bite’.

In a nutshell, Chef Daren Liew and Chef Pak Awie from Melur have converted a couple of traditional Malaysian rice-based dishes into bite-sized portions, adapting classic dishes into delicate toppings for the concept. Imagine a sushi box, but instead packed with a completely different punch of flavours and rice that comes in different colours.

Disclaimer: this was a complimentary meal but all views are my own.

Malaysia In A Bite (£15.90)

"Malaysia In A Bite" meal set by Melur

Each set comes with a total of 12 rice bites, offering 4 different flavour combos (so you get 3 of each per set), plus a side of a Hot & Spicy Vegetable Soup and Acar Nenas (pickled cucumbers) with Mixed Salad.

I must say I absolutely adore how colourful this is. All the colours are cleverly arranged and beautifully presented in the box that added a lot of vibrancy to the dish. Here are the different flavours by rice colour:

The Blue One

Nasi Bunga Telang rice bite with Chicken Serunding by Melur

Nasi Bunga Telang with Chicken Serunding.

The blue colour comes from blue pea, a.k.a. butterfly pea, which is a flower most commonly found across Southeast Asia. Its vivid blue colour acts as a natural food colouring, which explains the blue. The rice is also infused with lemongrass flavours, which seeped through more as an aftertaste. The flavours were great, though personally, I wouldn’t mind the lemongrass flavour to be stronger as it’s relatively subtle. But it’s still definitely good enough as it is.

As for topping, the blue rice was topped with Chicken Serunding, which is basically spicy chicken floss.

The Red One

Tomato rice bites with grilled percik chicken by Melur

Tomato-flavoured rice with grilled percik chicken.

It’s pretty self-explanatory that the red comes from the tomato. Topping-wise, percik chicken is basically spiced coconut chicken, which got a mild but delectable curried flavour and a coconut-y touch.

The Green One

Pandan rice bites with smokey chicken satay by Melur

Pandan-flavoured rice with smoky chicken satay.

The green colour of the rice comes from the use of pandan leaves. I couldn’t taste much of the pandan per se but enjoyed that subtle coconut touch in it. The chicken satay adds a lovely tingle of spice to the taste buds and the smoky touch offers an extra depth of flavours.

The White One

Nasi Minyak with Sambal Clam Goreng Rice Bite by Melur

Nasi Minyak with Sambal Clam Goreng.

This is no regular white rice. It is Nasi Minyak, which is flavoured rice cooked with ghee & spices. The rice was very aromatic to taste and complimented well with its topping, i.e. the Clams Sambal Goreng.

After three chicken options, the Clams Sambal Goreng really stood out. It’s got a mild but fiery touch to it which was quite exciting to the palate.

Hot & Spicy Soup & Acar Nenas with Mixed Salad

Hot & Spicy Soup from Melur

As mentioned, the rice bites come with a side of the hot & spicy soup and salad. Essentially, it’s a vegetarian hot & sour soup. It offers a piquant touch of flavours that helps to open up the palate. It’s got just the right kick of spice for my personal taste, complemented with a tangy edge.

Salad was refreshing and tangy to pair with the meal.


Melur is currently operating a delivery service for ‘Malaysia In A Bite’ from Thurs to Sun, pre-ordering required which is available online. They are also open for takeaway for their regular menu.


I thoroughly enjoyed this concept and a new way to sample through various dishes in one setting. Aesthetically it’s a winner as well and simply too adorable to resist. Would certainly love to visit the restaurant when government permits!

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Halal Status

Everything is halal at Melur.

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Melur "Malaysia In A Bite" review

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