M’Lord of the Fries

*M’Lord of the Fries is no longer trading*

It’s certainly been a while since I last visited Greenwich Market. During this visit, I discovered that they’ve opened up an additional street food market area, featuring a range of options. Having a little stroll around, we popped by this stall called M’Lord of the Fries for a little snack.

As stated in its name, M’Lord of the Fries specialises in fries and load them with various toppings options. Since it’s not halal, we couldn’t enjoy any of the meat toppings but a majority of the toppings are vegetarian friendly anyway.

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I was quite tempted to get the Tennessee Fries (with buffalo wing sauce, blue cheese & spring onion) but then my friend was feeling more for the Italian Fries (with pesto, sundried tomatoes and Parmesan) so we decided to go for the latter instead.

Italian Fries


I originally expected it to be just a plate of fries with a sauce spread on top but they have a more sophisticated approach to their dishes. As the fries came out fresh from the fryer, they were put into a large mixing bowl and being tossed and shaken with seasonings. Then they mixed in the pesto, sundried tomatoes and grated cheese, gave it another good toss before serving them onto the plate.

The luscious and gorgeous golden colour indicated a batch of good quality fries. They were nicely crispy on the outside with a bit of softness and fluffiness on the inside. I personally love crispy fries so I really loved how they all have a crispy edge but not just pure crisp without any substantial texture. These fries were simply executed perfectly.


I really enjoyed how the pesto was evenly coated over the fries where you can continuously taste a hint of it with every bite. It certainly wasn’t just a spread of sauce on top where some fries get overly drenched with the sauce and some never touching it. The sundried tomatoes were a nice refreshing element to the fries and, of course, fit impeccably with the pesto.

The way I would sum this up is a good balance between rusticity and sophistication. Maybe it’s just this particular combination that brings this quality out while the others remain like the usual messy fries. But regardless, they certainly have an impeccable execution in treating such a simple rustic dish and elevated it into something more of a gourmet style.

In summary…

…If you see M’Lord of the Fries trading around London markets, do give them a try! The portion was quite generous either so it’s quite an ideal dish to share between two people which fills you up but still leave you a bit of stomach space to get something else. 

Website: http://www.mlordofthefries.com/


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