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When it comes to street food in the Far East, Taiwan would always hold one of the top spots. The most popular Taiwanese street food would be…Taiwanese fried chicken! And that’s what Monga in Chinatown does.

Monga started out in Taiwan and has gained a lot of popularity. Riding the momentum, they have opened up overseas branches in Canada and America. And now they’ve opened up their first European branch in London Chinatown!

When it comes to Taiwanese fried chicken, they’re either in the style of Chicken Popcorns or served in a humongous size. At Monga, their chicken fillets are marinated with honey, dipped in a frying batter instead of dry flours, and fried to perfection.

*Monga London serves halal chicken.

Chee-Z Signature Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken topped with ketchup and melted cheese at Monga

I went with their signature fried chicken, which took a little wait but it was worth it. The chicken was absolutely humongous. I intended my visit to Monga as a snack but ended up feeling rather filled up!

In a nutshell, you get a humongous piece of fried chicken, slathered with either ketchup or chilli sauce (I went for ketchup), and topped with melted cheese.

The chicken was crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside. I particularly enjoyed the little touch of seaweed powder on top which added a little edge of flavours. The combo is a genius idea and it’s the definition of a guilty pleasure!

Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea

To complete the whole Taiwanese experience, I also treated myself to a bubble tea. I went for the brown sugar milk tea, i.e my go-to classic flavour.

The bubble tea was comparatively underwhelming. It’s okay but not outstandingly good. The tapioca pearls were slightly on the soggier side in terms of texture.

I’ve had this bubble tea twice on separate occasions. The first time, the flavours were more well-balanced and the drink was more velvety to taste. On the second time around, the flavours were a bit more on the mediocre side. Due to the two relatively inconsistent experience, the bubble tea, unfortunately, didn’t win my heart.

In summary…

…I am really glad to be able to find a little piece of Taiwan in London cheers to Monga! If you happen to be strolling around Chinatown and are looking for a quick bite, I’d really recommend stopping by Monga for some juicy Taiwanese fried chicken.

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Halal Status

Chicken is halal at Monga

Tel: 020 8617 1870
Website: https://mongauk.com/
Instagram: @mongauk

Nearest station: Leicester Square

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