One of my most favourite things about summer is all sorts of outdoor street food festivals. They’re always super fun – great vibe or even live music, sunshine and most important of all amazing food! Out of all the street food-hopping I’ve had over this summer so far, there’s this place that particularly left an impression on me. And it’s Only Jerkin’.

If you can’t already guess from its name, Only Jerkin’ is all about Jamaican Jerk flavours. They started out their street food journey at Druid Street Market and with its growing popularity, you can now find them at the likes of KERB, Street Food Union, South Bank Market, Brixton Courtyard, and many more popular markets and events. Follow their social media to keep up to date with their whereabouts!

Only Jerkin’ Ginger Beer Battered Chicken Nuggets

A box of Ginger Beer Battered Jerk Chicken Nuggets from Only Jerkin', with Fries and Jerk Gravy on top

The undisputable signature of Only Jerkin’ is their triple-coated Ginger Beer Battered Chicken Nuggets. A box costs about a tenner and it comes with spicy jerk fries, slaw, and dipping sauces (Jerk Ketchup and Chilli Mango Aioli). You can then order extra jerk gravy on top which – trust me – is totally worth it.

First of all, the coating was perfectly crispy, with a beautiful crunch when you bite into it. It was PACKED with flavours and carried this nice hint of spice that offered an addictive tangy tease. Underneath that coating, the chicken inside was well-marinated and impeccably juicy and succulent. The size of each nugget was pretty decent and very meaty as well. Most important of all, these fried chicken nuggets won’t leave you a greasy taste. Same goes with their fries, which is also incredibly well-seasoned, with a lovely crisp on the outside and fluffy texture on the inside.

Moving on to the dips, I officially announce I’m obsessed with their Jerk Ketchup. It got this super fun and exciting kick of flavours which completely stole my heart. But the real hero would no doubt be the jerk gravy. The gravy was so flavoursome and jazzed everything up! Everything in the box was already superb on their own and the gravy just adds that extra magic touch!

In summary…

I couldn’t recommend Only Jerkin’ enough! The chicken nuggets truly blew me away and they are consistently terrific at every visit. If you come across them at any street food market, do make sure you treat yourself to this absolute gem in the London street food scene! And don’t forget that gravy!

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Halal Status

Everything is halal at Only Jerkin’

Instagram: @onlyjerkin

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Only Jerkin' Chicken Nuggets Review

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