Rice Guys Halal Cantonese Roast Duck Meal Kit

It looks like 2021 is continuing to be a year for DIY meal kits. A few months ago, I wrote up a list of halal-friendly London Restaurants DIY Meal Kits, and I’ve been trying a few of them out. Here’s one that really caught my eye and impressed me. With international travel being near impossible, to say I miss home is an understatement. Unable to fly home to enjoy some proper home food, I’m absolutely ecstatic that Rice Guys is offering their halal Cantonese roast duck meal kit for delivery. Needless to say, I hopped on the bandwagon immediately.

Halal roast duck isn’t easy to come by so that’s definitely another reason I couldn’t wait to try it out. I don’t think I’ve ever made a purchasing decision this quick before.

This roast duck DIY kit has absolutely exceeded my expectations. I had an absolute blast making it, eating it, and playing around the leftovers. Since it’s just the two of us, we’ve got quite a bit of leftovers and it’s like we managed to enjoy multiple feasts from it!

Rice Guys’ Halal Whole Cantonese Roast Duck Meal Kit is available to purchase on Pezu

Packaging of the Meal Kit

The DIY meal kit is delivered through Pezu and they are really good at keeping your product chilled with insulating packaging.

It also comes with a pouch of herbal soy sauce and chilli oil for serving.

In addition, the duck is freezer-friendly so if you’re trying to save it for an occasion, you can simply keep it in the freezer (up to 3 months). Make sure it has properly thawed before starting any preparations if you’re planning to do so.

Prepping & Cooking the Roast Duck

Whole Cantonese Roast Duck from Rice Guys meal kit

Cooking instructions are clearly stated and easy to follow on the package. All you need is an oven, a grill rack, and an oven tray to catch the juices.

Start by patting the duck dry with a kitchen towel and let air dry on a grill rack for 2-6 hours at room temperature. By removing any remaining moisture or condensation, it helps to keep the skin crispy.

Preheat your oven to 185C and place the duck on a grill rack in the middle shelf of the oven with its breast side on top. Place an oven tray underneath to catch all the oils and juices from the duck – you can save them later and store as duck fat for future cooking. Roast for 40 minutes and then turn up the temperature to 235C to roast for another 8 minutes.

Once it’s done, remove the duck from the oven and leave to rest for 15 minutes before digging in.

Serving & Leftover Ideas

The duck came out so aromatic that it filled the entire room. Its skin was glistening and ridiculously crispy, with the meat incredibly juicy. It’s got a good fat ratio too, which kept the meat tender and succulent, plus lots of leftover to store for later use.

The duck is meant to serve 4-6 people. As mentioned, since it’s only the two of us, we’ve got plenty of leftovers to play around with various leftover dishes. Here are some serving options from this whole roast duck meal kit and some leftover ideas to play around:

(1) Peking Duck

Peking duck is like my favourite ever Chinese dish. Seeing how crispy the skin turned out, I just couldn’t resist at all in starting by serving the roast duck in Peking Duck style.

I carved out the crispy skin off the breast side to the best of my abilities and served it with Mandarin pancakes, sliced spring onions, and sweet hoisin sauce. Sliced cucumbers are typically served too but I personally prefer not having them.

Traditionally, all the remaining duck meat (plus bones and carcass) are then used to create other dishes, which is exactly what I did (see below).

(2) Roast Duck Rice

I didn’t serve it this way but a roast duck rice dish is one of the serving suggestions from the Rice Guys. Simply have a bowl of steamed Jasmine rice ready and top it with some duck pieces, a dash of the herbal soy sauce, and a drizzle of chilli oil. It can’t get more Cantonese than this!

Rice Guys also offers a Roast Duck & Rice meal kit for one too on Pezu.

(3) Leftover Duck Fried Rice

Typically after enjoying the Peking Duck at a Chinese restaurant for a banquet-style meal, a duck fried rice is one of the courses to be followed as the remaining duck (after serving the Peking Duck) gets brought back into the kitchen to prep for another course.

Peking Duck is typically more skin than meat and it’s mostly breast-side. There’s then plenty of meat to make this duck fried rice. Secret tip: don’t forget the duck fat to flavour the dish!

(4) Leftover Roast Duck Noodle Soup

With the leftover bones and carcass, I made good use of them and turned them into an extremely flavourful duck broth for noodle soup.

The leftover carcass had so much more flavours to offer and it would’ve been a waste to discard them straight away. Simply boil in water for a couple of hours to extract the flavours then season with the herbal soy sauce that’s provided along with the meal kit. Then ladle the soup over a bed of noodles and add in toppings of your choice (I went with British pak choi and sliced scallions). Last but not least, include some leftover duck slices and drizzle a bit of chilli oil if you desire!

(5) Leftover Duck Lemon Rosemary Pasta

This might not be a conventional leftover dish but this dish happened through some random experimenting and the outcome was terrific.

The bottom line for this leftover roast duck pasta dish is to save that leftover duck fat to flavour the dish. As mentioned, the leftover duck fat has so much flavours to offer and makes the star of this pasta dish.

I went with a flavour combo of garlic, lemon, rosemary and grated Italian hard cheese – simple but extremely effective. Then simply top with some leftover duck slices and there you go with one stunning pasta dish to wow the dinner table!

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Rice Guys Whole Roast Duck DIY Meal Kit Review

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