Update: Rockit Steakhouse has permanently closed down

The most annoying part of ordering steaks is whether the steak is being cooked right to your liking. Very often, when you order a medium-rare, it could come out medium-well instead – and that ruins the experience. Everyone has different preferences for steak, to avoid that problem, the best way is to cook it yourself! Steak & Co has that concept, and now there’s a fully halal one called Rockit Steakhouse!

Rockit Steakhouse is a fairly new steakhouse near Aldgate East. The concept of the place is to allow you to channel your ‘inner chef’ and take control over your own steak. In a nutshell, you get your steak served on a heated volcanic stone and then you take charge of it.

The restaurant is bigger than I expected. It’s fairly spacious, with a bright setting. We went on Sunday for a late lunch and the restaurant was relatively empty. The menu offers all the classic steak cuts, as well as Wagyu Steak and a Tomahawk Steak. There is also a range of non-steak items on the menu such as lamb, chicken and seafood.

Tomahawk Steak (£39.99)

They call the Tomahawk Steak the “ultimate steak”. It is basically a bone-in Rib Steak, and it comes at 1.2kg/42oz. No jokes, the steak is actually THAT HUGE. And it’s unbelievable that it costs just under £40! I would highly recommend sharing it with 2-3 people at least. The staff told me people have had finished it all by themselves without sharing – I don’t know how they did it!

First and foremost, the volcanic stone plate is heated to 350C. Then some sea salt would be sprinkled over the stone plate before placing the steak. The steak would be briefly seared on the stone before serving onto the table. For the Tomahawk Steak, you’d have to sear up the steak at all sides and then first cut the bone out. After that, one should slice up it up to cook it as it would take ages to cook up that whole thick massive steak otherwise.

Meat quality was good. Great flavour, tender. Due to the massive size of the Tomahawk Steak, it was a bit hard to control the meat after a while. You can ask for a second hot stone plate since you can imagine it would take lots of time to eat up that steak.

Even after sharing the steak between the two of us, it felt a lot. I’m glad we shared it and I would recommend sharing it with around 3 people.


Each steak order comes with a side dish of your choice. We picked the onion rings and then ordered an extra side of sauteed mushrooms since we’re sharing that one Tomahawk Steak order.

Onion Rings

The coating of the onion rings was crispy though I feel it could use a bit more seasoning.

Sauteed Mushrooms & Onions

This one’s quite savoury but not very refined in my opinion.

All in all, we enjoyed our food and experience at Rockit Steakhouse. It had been a fun experience and one that’s with great value. If you’re around the area, it’s worth checking out for a cheeky steak feast that won’t hurt the bank. Also if you’d managed to finish that Tomahawk Steak on your own, a massive round of applause to you!

  • Food
  • Value
  • Atmosphere
  • Service

Halal Status


Tel: 020 3551 6320
Website: http://rockit.menu/ 

Nearest Station: Aldgate East

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  1. Beck & Bulow

    I liked it. I think the tomato paste made the sauce a little too sweet. But I’d make it again. Thank you!

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