Rola Wala Spitalfields has closed down

You know that popular street food stall selling naan rolls at many street food markets and festivals nationwide? This stall, Rola Wala, has now expanded itself from a mere street food stall to having a permanent shop at Old Spitalfields in London!

The name Rola Wala means “the man that rolls” in Hindu, and they roll the nation’s first sourdough naan bread. So they’re not the typical wrap stall. Using fresh fluffy naan rolls, they pack it with flavourful meats and fillings, and serve them as wraps to the public.

Rola Wala

The shop is a quick takeaway shop. First you choose your filling – lamb / beef / chicken / daal / chickpeas. Then you get to choose what base you want:

  • Sourdough Naan Roll
  • Grain Bowl
  • Cauliflower & Kale Bowl

After that you pick your salads, chutneys and sauces.

Rola Wala

Nagaland Lamb

This Nagaland Lamb involves layers of lamb shoulder done in Portuguese way that’s spiced up with onion masala and naga chilli. It’s basically a twist on a traditional vindaloo but with an extra kick of spice.

The flavours for this one was explosive. It was spicy and tangy, and such a tease to the taste buds! We chose a spicy chutney to go with it and it really made the flavours pop out. The meat was extremely tender as well and everything just melts in your mouth with all the flavours spilling out.

Bengali Spiced Beef

As for the Bengali Spiced Beef, it involves beef brisket that’s slow cooked with Bengali spices. Compared to the Nagaland Lamb, I thought the meat wasn’t as tender and comes out relatively more dry.

The subtle spices give you a little tease to the palate but I thought it could be go wilder. For me, the sharp tangy flavours of the red cabbage helped elevated the wraps a lot. With the Nagaland Lamb, it was a lovely contrast to complement the intense flavours. Whereas with this Bengali Spiced Beef, it acts more of a lift.

Rola Wala


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To sum up, now it’s much easier to get a taste of Rola Wala‘s scrumptious naan rolls with the set up of their new permanent site. Apart from London, they are also opening one in Oxford in a few months time. So stop worrying about when and where they’ll appear on the road and just pop into their shops now!

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